The Spaceships of Ezekiel has 67 ratings and 12 reviews. Jennifer said: This book suffers from an audience problem. To whit, it will be of interest prima. Authors that have alleged the ancient aliens explanation of the book include Joseph Blumrich, who wrote The Spaceships of Ezekiel. Listen to The Spaceships of Ezekiel Audiobook by Joseph Blumrich, narrated by Johnnie C. Hayes.

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Ezekiel is confused – looks to him like a wheel within a wheel. K rated it liked it Dec 07, We should consider that Ezekiel first saw this vehicle at a distance of about 1, meters; at the moment the nuclear engine fired, probably with some white clouds of condensation because of the engine’s “chill down” phase shooting past the craft’s main body. The diameter of the central body would be about 18 m, that of the rotor of a helicopter unit would be 11 m, total weight from the time of lift-off from the earth for the return flight to the mother ship would bekg, the engine’s specific impulse would be 2, seconds, and the craft would carry two or three passengers.

It is significant that the prophet describes features which are of little engineering importance but which, to the eye, carry the same weight as true structural elements. County on-line property records from that period are vague.

What I think concerning this revelation, is that Jesus can modify his form all depending on what he’s wanting to accomplish at any given point in time This was a very interesting theory written by a man who has knowledge of military technologies of our flying crafts. I’m a firm believer that what Ezekiel saw was certainly technology beyond his comprehension but just as a baby can understand the basic premise of something even without knowing what it is, I’d say Ezekiel could too.

They traveled around the earth, and from the earth to the stars and back in physical flying craft. In earlier years, he developed the structural design of the Saturn V booster and participated in the design of Skylab. I found the exact address but to protect the privacy of the new owners, it is not listed on this site.


We must acknowledge the present inability of science to help formulate answers to the question of extraterrestrial visitors, while realizing that engineering and industrial technology have not been introduced to the controversy.

So I began taking Ezekiel seriously, in an engineering sense. When he spoke of the creatures i can concede that perhaps some technology was involved but I don’t think you re giving the author enough credit when he is describing what he is seeing given such a detailed account.

The Spaceships of Ezekiel – Wikipedia

Seated in the pilot’s seat is a man. One Internet posting has been copied onto numerous sites and states, “‘The Spaceships of Ezekiel’ by Blumrich is an award-winning emphasis added book that should be read by anyone investigating Biblical mysteries. Imagine if Ezekiel’s visions were that of god’s “from the sky blumriich. The boumrich has led me to develop a precise engineering interpretation, and for which a patent was granted by the United States Patent Office no.

For if they did, whether they be man or animal, they would be killed. Pure fiction, all of them! Their appearances were frequently accompanied by fire, smoke and thunderous noise; their blumrrich on man was, mostly, beneficial.

He certainly can be excused for not suspecting that American translators copied German translators and he “just happened” to have both versions!

But this attitude is also wrong and unfair with regard to man’s future development because it denies even the possibility of progress in the corresponding fields of science. Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker.

Ezekiel’s wheel

There are other problems too. His first reaction is to compare the helicopters with man-like figures, but he then finds in the term ‘living creatures’ an expression of admirable vagueness to reflect his uncertainty. Badger rated it it was amazing Dec 08, The greenish-bluish color of the wheels suggests noseph protective film or coating.


This book breaks apart the Bible’s Ezekiel story to shed light on an interpretation a bit contrary to what may be preached from any sermon.

For concerns on copyright infringement please see: The Lord as in Jehova was an actual being glumrich the elohim and pantakrator is pure energy and the willful spirit therein that creates within the universe.

The truth is more mundane, but this little book was a fun read nevertheless. Blumrich goes on to provide similar observations for the entire Book of Ezekiel. Having designed and tested such structures myself, I could not deny that it was possible to read in this a direct, yet simple, technical description. Published by Corgi Books first published Lists with This Book.

He went from an extreme skeptic to becoming convinced that the book of Ezekiel was a real accurate and detailed account of an encounter with extraterrestrial visitors. Enoch was taken by spacecraft and flown around the world, then taken up into space and shown the sun, moon, stars, the earth, their orbits, the seasons, etc.

Boumrich moving together in blu,rich direction the spirit led them referring to the link by radio and flying in formation. What he found, after an extensive amount of research from an engineering point of view, was just the opposite.

Return to Book Page. I thoroughly enjoyed itjust a bit too technical at times though. The prophet describes the light effects of the commander’s flight suit which, in Blumrich’s opinion, are reminiscent of the light effects caused by the reflecting surfaces of certain insulation materials used in the Apollo lunar module. During final decent and landing, Ezekiel observes the protective covers of the helicopter’s gear mechanisms, which he able to describe best by comparing them with human faces.