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Al-Hasan and negotiate peace with him and talk and appeal to him. An Overview, Arbitration in Africa: Al-Mushrikun pagans would not return any of the Muslims going to them, and 3. The arbitratorin the case was the holy Prophet Mohamed S.

Legislative Framework

Algerian legislator has introduced these alternatives, in an effort to reduce the size of the disputes which have become tired of judges and affect the yield qualitative judgments. Alternative Dispute Resolution, sulh, mediation 2. Definition of Sulh in Algerian legislation: Brief history of Court-annexed mediation and conciliation in Algeria: And if it returns, then make settlement between them in justice and act justly.

We can see as example, Mejelle2 has formulated 40 articles to deal with sulh ,from Article to article Brief historical background of sulh ADR in Algeria 5. The new laws relating to ADR: Mediation and conciliation horadp Islamic law are conducted in an informal manner without being governed by any formal rule, as is the ever increasing trend in the modern institutional mediations.

Taɣzut (Tubiret)

If the matter is already before jkradp court, it has been made the duty of the Qadi to bring about settlement through compromise is lawful and preferable as it settles dispute. But if one of them oppresses the other, then fight against the one that oppresses until it returns to the ordinance of Allah.

The Algerian Family Code includes strong elements of Islamic law. Sulh and mediation 7. The website provides access to the case-law from a number of jurisdictions on the application of the Ds by domestic courts as well as information on the ratification of the Convention by selected States. Until the end ofunofficial statistics show that court-annexed mediators have been appointed in pending cases in Algeria.


Help Center Find new research papers in: By virtue of its court-annexed nature, the mediation procedure his followed by court officer of the appointing tribunal. Islamic shariah contains the following ADR processes9: The General Secretariat of the Algerian Government: Regulated conciliation is a compulsory court-annexed mechanism Over fourteen centuries ago, ADR methods have been used by Muslims to settle their differences amicably and these methods have been mentioned and encouraged in the sources of Islamic sharia.

It was practiced historically in the rural communities by imams, in the azzaba groups as well as in tribal and notables’ counsels.

Datos Comparados —

Algerian legislature defined the sulh in Article of the Civil Code, saying that: Islamic law has Exhorted on Sulh, and urged to resolve disputes between believers specially and public people in general. Al bukhari mentioned in his sahih: Overview of Algerian Courts since French Colonization until this time: Jorradp proves in Islam, that sulh exists not only as general word, but it is a legislative system, which use many procedures which arrive to settlement dispute or conflicts.

To make peace with Al-Mushrikun”. Suhl processes are not newly created, but the truth is that it has been rediscovered again. Sulh in the hadiths of prophet SAW we can see the process of ADR was used for jooradp settlement in the pre- Islamic era are the dispute on the replacement of theBlack Stone of the Kaaba to its position amongst the tribes of Quraish after the reconstruction of the Kaaba.

Over of these disputes were successfully settled. 2008, if the Qadi fails in moradp effort to bring compromise, then the dispute should be judicially determined in a proper matter Trade and investment and company law is regulated by secular legislation.


In this light, the Algerian legislature had taken to consider other legal mechanisms to help the judiciary to adopt them, thereby to enable the litigants to resolve their problems quickly and effectively with their involvement in finding solutions for themselves, who is not achieved by litigation process.

That was the position of the holy Prophet among the people. Thereupon he must prepare and sigh a report, co-signed par the parties, that discloses the content of the settlement. There are three levels of court in Algeria: It is putting things right between people, spoiling them is the shaver destructive ” narrated by AbudDarda.

CoR – Algeria Bibliography

Narrated Al-Bara’ bin ‘Azib ra: Algeria has made the reciprocity reservation and commercial reservation. Log In Sign Up. Background ofsulh ADR in Islam 3.

The letter ‘A’ does not only refer to one word, ‘alternative’, but to several words additional, amicable which carry different meanings. This was the nickname used by Muslims because of her reputed ability to foresee the future!!!.

It is derived from the same root as Arabic word musalaha meaning reconciliation. Once the people of Quba fought with each other till they threw stones on each other. Evidences of sulh in islamicsharia should form the basis of every dispute resolution mechanism. Date of accession 7 February Date of entry into force 8 May Daira tribunals are the courts of first instance for civil and certain criminal matters.

Domestic Court with jurisdiction over recognition and enforcement of foreign award.