The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Vampyre; A Tale, by John William Polidori This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. The Vampyre [John Polidori] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the first vampire stories by John Polidori, a friend of Lord Byron. Written at the same gathering at which Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, Polidori’s “The Vampyre” is a short story of convoluted but beautiful sentences, mostly.

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What vampyge to my ears We, in India, have our own vampyr legend known as Baital. Byron’s version if unfinished, so it’s impossible to tell how much of what eventually happened in The Vampyre is directly from the brain of Byron and how much was Polidori’s invention. Mary Shelley created a monster out of her ‘waking dream’ — but was it her husband Percy who ’embodied its ideas and sentiments’?

And why did Ruthven leave Aubrey alive? I read The Vampyre solely for the historical significance of the work, and it ended up being much better than I had expected.

The Vampyre, by John Polidori

I’m going A historical milestone. Polidori is an interesting character himself. Dismissed by Byron, Polidori travelled in Italy and then returned to England.

Polidori’s work had an immense impact on contemporary sensibilities and ran through numerous editions and translations. Best advice; never read after an anti migraine tablet and a cup of tea when everyone is asleep and the rooms outside your library door are in darkness The book should now be credited as ‘by Mary Shelley with Percy Shelley’.

John William Polidori

What’s most important is good, very good. The Vampyre by John William Polidori Children of the night Oh! Retrieved from ” https: This does not speak well of Lord Byron, and polidoir of what I have read of him, I can see some echoes of him in this character. Too bad the narrator is so insufferable. Initially, the author was given as Lord Byron. The polidoei met up with Percy and Mary Shelley on the shores of Lake Geneva and one night decided upon a ghost story writing competition.


Fueled by vampye stories such as the FantasmagorianaWilliam Beckford ‘s Vathek and quantities of laudanumMary Shelley, in collaboration with Percy Bysshe Shelley, [4] produced what would become Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus.

The Vampyre

Retrieved 27 February See 1 question about The Vampyre; A Tale…. He vamphre appears as a minor and unsympathetic character in the Tim Powers horror novel The Stress o Bram Stoker no fue el primero en escribir sobre vampiros. Certain aspects of Lord Ruthven can be found again in Dracula.

While I can appreciate the importance of this text as the first vampire story, I’m glad it was a short read, since it’s lost most of its tension over the years. Although he could not be aware of the famous status of this story, it is some comfort to me that he has created something that endured two hundred years later. This is one of the first published stories relating to vampyre’s.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: Too late, and Aubrey’s sister is doomed. In it was announced that the studio Britannia Pictures will be releasing a feature-length adaptation of The Vampyre. Polidori entered Lord Byron’s service as his johhn physician, and accompanied Byron on a trip through Europe.

Mary Shelley worked on a tale that would later evolve into Frankenstein.

From there to the life sucking monster in The Vampyr, it is a straight line. John William Polidori was an Italian English physician and writer, known for his plidori with the Romantic movement and credited by some as the creator of the vampire genre of fantasy fiction. Retrieved from ” https: Despite strong evidence that he committed suicide by means of prussic acid, the coroner gave a verdict of death by natural causes.

John William Polidori – Wikipedia

The confusing history–the story was originally attributed to Lord Byron, but was written by his physician John Polidori–that surrounds The Vampyre threatens to overshadow the text itself especially as the Gutenberg edition reprints the imprint containing an unconnected account of Lord Byron’s residence in Greece but ultimately only adds to The Vampyre ‘s m The young Lord Aubrey meets the strange and compelling Lord Ruthven, who seems to spread moral and mortal suffering wherever he goes.


The history of this short story might be even more intriguing than the actual writing itself. Most conversations are recorded in narrative, in very long and tedious paragraphs. Byron’s own vampire story “Fragment of a Novel” or “A Fragment” was published in in an attempt to clear up the confusion, but, for better or worse, “The Vampyre” continued to be attributed to him.

Originally attributed to Lord Byron, this is an exceptional gothic story and I was quite surprised at the amount of like I found myself feeling for this little gem.

It was Stoker’s novel “Dracula” that combined the attributes of a vampire along with others with a powerful story with a compelling central character. One of the earliest vampire tales ever! He’s a frequent seducer of women, but only those who are perfectly chaste when he meets them, and they always vanish without a trace when he is done with them.

Lord Byron himself, I cannot say yay or nay to that question. Polidori named the character “Lord Ruthven” as a joke. Open Preview See a Problem? History aside, the story itself started strong, but fell short towards the end. But Aubrey could not avoid remarking, that it was not upon the virtuous, reduced to indigence Hitherto, Aubrey had had no opportunity of studying Lord Ruthven’s character, and now he found, that, though many more of his actions were exposed to his view, the results offered different conclusions from the apparent motives to his conduct.