Alternative Names/Transliterations: Johann Caspar von Kerll; Kerl, Gherl, Kerle, Cherll, Cherle, Kherl, Kherll; Johann Kaspar, Hanß Caspar, Giovanni Gasparo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Johann Caspar Kerll (9 April – 13 February ) was a German baroque composer and organist. One of many German organist/composers celebrated in his day but little known to modern listeners, Johann Kaspar Kerll carried on the keyboard traditions of.

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Stretto entries of a highly chromatic subject in works like Missa in fletu solatium result in strong dissonances the mass in question, commemorating the events of a Johan siege that cost Kerll’s friend, Alessandro Pogliettihis life, contains a continuo part that includes an “avoid consonances” warning from the composer.

Retrieved from ” https: The complex imitative counterpoint that dominates Kerll’s chamber music is also present in most of his sacred vocal works: Amor tiranno ovvero Regnero innamorato Most vocal works employ an advanced concertato technique; the requiem mass Missa pro defunctis fromscored for five voices with no accompaniment, is a notable exception.

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If he did, however, Johann Pachelbel would have been his deputy organist there. Kerll’s Missa Superba 8vv in and performed the complete work in Leipzig He visited Munich several times between andpublishing his Modulatio organica and Missae sexdedicated to the emperor there. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Much of his music was lost, including 11 operas which he was most famous for during his lifetime25 offertories, four masses, litanies, chamber sonatas and miscellaneous keyboard works.


Johann Kaspar Kerll

It is possible that he was working at the Saint Stephen Cathedral and that Johann Pachelbel was his deputy organist there.

Bach ] Works performed by J. The couple had eight children, but only one of them, the youngest son, pursued a career in music.

Influence Johann Kaspar Kerll was highly jogann by his contemporaries: English Wikipedia links Pages using SortWorks. Most of Kerll’s keyboard works are playable on both pipe organ and harpsichordthe exceptions are four dance suites composed for harpsichord and two organ toccatas: Although Kerll was a renowned teacher during his lifetime, his pupils did not, in all probability, include any considerably important composers, although Johann Joseph Fux possibly studied with kell for a time.

For his non-keyboard music, the years in Munich were especially productive: The losses are particularly striking in vocal music, with all 11 known operas and 24 kkaspar missing. He worked at Vienna, Munich and Brussels, and also travelled widely. Kerll’s canzonas consist, typically for the time, of several fugal sections; some also have toccata-like passagework embedded in the development of cadences.

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In addition to these, an assortment of other keyboard pieces survives: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kerll gave up his post in Munich in for unclear reasons – it is believed that there was a particularly serious quarrel with other court musicians Italian singers which made him leave.

Partial chronology can be established using Kerll’s incomplete catalogue of his own works which is included in the Modulatio organica it is the earliest surviving thematic catalogue of a specific composer’s works: This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat The four dance suites are also reminiscent of Froberger’s suites, yet two of them contain variation movements.


Kerll did, however, maintain contact with Elector Ferdinand Maria until his death.

Kerll’s influence on later composers, however, is undeniable. Kerll as one of the composers whom J.

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Unfortunately, many of these pieces either are lost for instance, no opera of Kerll’s survived or remain unpublished. Agostino Steffani is perhaps his best-known pupil. Toccata quarta Cromatica con Durezze e Oaspar and Toccata sesta per il pedali. Battaglia is a descriptive piece in C major, over bars long and featuring numerous repeats of fanfare-like themes, it is also attributed to Juan Bautista Cabanilles. Oxford Composer Companion J.

He spent several years in Vienna, studying and working as a court organist, then moved to Rome, where he became a pupil of Giacomo Carissimi.

The akspar are four dance suites composed for harpsichord, and two johahn from a set of eight toccatas organized by Church Modes: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Johann Caspar Kerll.

Kerll became one of the most acclaimed composers of his time, known both as a gifted composer and an outstanding teacher. Kerll wrote masses, requiems and Magnificats, sometimes for two or three choruses, frequently using concertato techniques. The Munich joyann were especially important for Kerll: View the Wikipedia article on Johann Caspar Kerll.