In Defense of Global Capitalism has ratings and 28 reviews. Natasha said: Full of cherry-picked statistics which totally gloss over the reality of un. In Defense of Global Capitalism fully accomplishes the goal revealed by its title. Here, Swedish historian and political writer Johan Norberg. With hard facts, statistics and simple graphs, Johan Norberg explains why capitalism is in the process of creating a better world. But the book is also personally.

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In Defense of Global Capitalism – Johan Norberg, Roger Tanner, Julian Sanchez – Google Books

On the contrary, absolute poverty has diminished, and where it was quantitatively greatest—in Asia—many hundreds of millions of people who barely twenty years ago were struggling to make ends meet have begun to achieve a secure existence and even a modest degree of affluence.

May 03, M. Most important of all, the bloodstained dictatorship has been peacefully superseded by a stable democratic regime — just as the liberal advisers advocated and prophesied. This book will change the debate on globalization in this country and make believers of skeptics. But it is a role Johan Norberg, author of In Defence of Global Capitalism and at 30, every bit as good-looking as left-wing pin-up Ms Klein, has easily morphed into.

The point where I nearly threw it against the wall was this: Lumayan juga pembelaan si penulisnya. If every paragraph potentially has the same kind of misleading attitude as the one above, then the book’s arguments just aren’t trustworthy. It can be no accident that not one but two glamorous young pro-capitalists have emerged in Europe over the past year.

Read the swedish version. User Review – Flag as inappropriate More approachable than any treatise on economics I have ever read.

Federation Press – Book: In Defence of Global Capitalism

His estimations from think tanks about the need for immigrants was based on the presumption of a welfare state, which could be abolished without the need for immigrants. Jul 28, Paul Bard rated it it was amazing. Jul 28, Alex Chatziliadis rated it did not like it. Sep 16, Kober rated it really liked it. There are definitely legitimate empirical and theoretical challenges that can be made to Norberg’s defense of global capitalism.


I think he does a great job of presenting pretty strong empirical, theoretical and ethical arguments for global capitalism in an accessible and convincing man There are definitely legitimate empirical and theoretical challenges that can be made to Norberg’s defense of global capitalism.

In Defense of Global Capitalism. When dictator Augusto Pinochet’s continuation of the old policy of inflation and central control sent the economy into free fall, he began listening to market economists instead. Alberto Rojas rated it it was amazing May 04, Johan Norberg showed, over 10 years before Piketty, case after case how solutions based on the respect of private property and classical liberal ideas have improve the lives of people all over the world.

I am not opposed to capitalism per se; I think that competition and profit does drive toward efficiency and innovation, which can improve the lot of humanity. This is because of economic and technological development that is the result of free market policies. Those regimes put in place the same kind of liberal economic policy as soon as democracy was jjohan, because it’s the fastest johsn for those in power to make an absolute fortune, at the expense of the poorest in society.

Ik heb het toen ook aan een aantal mensen cadeau gedaan, wat edfense in dank werd aanvaard. He used data to dispell all the myths surroundin I really really really want to like this book but it’s just so hard.

In Defence of Global Capitalism

I don’t have time to fact-check everything; I’m reading non-fiction to be enlightened, not to do peer review. Nov 26, Emily Daniel rated it really liked it.


There is no such thing as free movement, border is the basic unit of private property and only a fully privatized society can allow for individuals to enter into other people’s properties with consent. As ofcapita,ism book has been translated into a dozen of languages including: Paperbackpages.

In Defense of Global Capitalism

In Defense of Global Capitalism in Swedish: Account Options Sign in. He asserts the legal, ethical, economic and moral status of free trade, and in the globa, half of the book one by one demolishes left wing myths about hohan negative effects of globalisation. Marshalling facts and the latest research findings, the author systematically refutes the capitalusm of globalization, markets, and progress.

Jan 27, Uundaa rated it it was amazing. But caoitalism about us? Note the cherry-picked dates. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

May 12, Trenton rated it liked it. It is a polemic in capitalidm best sense – a strong argument for a legitimate but controversial viewpoint that is often poorly understood. In any case if you are pro or contra capitalism, according to what i have read so far in other books concerning the same subject, not worth spending time reading it.

This is not conspiracy theory, this is real history! References to this book Diversity und Diversity-Management im Unternehmen: It covers the whole gamut of issues on globalizatio I decided to read this despite beginning to watch one of his Youtube videos about the topic. However, I did think the book was boring at times, and I felt Norberg could have used some additional explinations to elucidate some of his conclusive opinions. Nick Gillespieeditor-in-chief of Reasonwrote on the book: