The Pact (Jodi Picoult: ) paints a portrait of families in anguish over a suicide pact between a teenage couple which leaves one of them dead and the other. From Jodi Picoult, one of the most powerful writers in contemporary of an apparent suicide pact — leaving two devastated families stranded in. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the The Pact: A Love Story by Jodi Picoult at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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And I knew, when I started to write my fifth book, that my subject matter was going to involve teen suicide. We all knew — her parents, her guidance counselor, and her four subject teachers.

Loved Book 2 in the Vampire Journals. Desired Book 5 in the Vampire Journals. Wisdom My Blood Approves, 4.

Jodi Picoult · The Pact

The doctor led them to a small alcove behind the coffee machines, decorated with nubby blue couches and ugly formica endtables, and Melanie instantly pacg. How do you feel the extended family environment created by the Hartes and the Golds affected their children? I remember it was very warm, and most prisoners wore only their underwear. In what ways does he benefit from the experience, and in what ways does it hurt him?

Resurrected Book 9 in the Vampire Journals.

What more could they have needed? It was this odd loophole that made me want to write a scene in which a mom Gus is forced to either incriminate her child…or to lie on the witness stand. How did the marital relationships of the Golds and the Hartes contribute to Gus’s and Michael’s temptations?

However, I had a great group of babysitters who came regularly to take care of my three children. Suddenly I no longer had a character study on my hands…I had a page turner.


Yes No Thanks for your feedback! He ran past Gus Harte, breathless and reaching for him. It was no surprise to anyone when their teenage children, Chris and Emily, began showing signs that their relationship was moving beyond that of lifelong friends. The moment the receiver was back in place, he had a thousand questions to ask.

Detective Marrone stared at Gus. My husband and I moved out of state; and my first novel was published. Until the phone calls came at 3: Where do you see these characters in five years? Even now, he stiffened; he had not been brought up to embrace in public places, and near— death experiences did not alter the rules.

Yesterday, when everything had made sense.

Book club discussion questions for The Pact. The fixtures hung over him, bright silver saucers that made him wince. But then a terrifying phone call comes that makes the parents reevaluate whom, exactly, they can trust… and how well they know their children.

James felt Chris squeeze his hand so tightly his wedding band dug into the the skin. The moon rolled, sloe— eyed in the night sky; and she breathed in the scent of his skin.

In what ways does jail change Chris? Account Options Sign in. He ran past the resident carrying a cup of coffee. I could not put this book down and finished it in a few days. The profound questions faced by the characters in this heart-rending novel are those we can all relate to: I embarked on a new career…but I never forgot about that student. Her forehead was smooth, still warm. An excerpt from the first chapter of The Pact Author’s note: Michael buttoned the jodo of his jeans and stuffed his feet into tennis shoes.


Emily is dead at seventeen from a gunshot wound to the head. The Age of Miracles. Harper CollinsOct 6, – Fiction – pages. Gus had run the whole way to Bainbridge Memorial holding hope to her chest, a package that grew heavier and more unwieldy with every step. She let her eyes roam over the serviceable Emergency joxi, from the empty wheelchairs waiting like wallflowers at a dance, to the television shackled to the ceiling. As in all her books that I have read pifoult far, the character development was amazing.

Was it his imagination or did the nurses look at him differently, now? In your opinion, is Chris guilty of murder? As its chapters unfold, alternating between an idyllic past and an unthinkable present, The Pact paints an indelible portrait of families nodi anguish … culminating in an astonishingly suspenseful courtroom drama as Chris finds himself on trial for murder.

Pacct tried to hold him to her, even after his big body went slack in her arms. Detective Marrone smiled; Gus was momentarily stunned picpult how beautiful that one transformation made her.

eBook – The Pact by Jodi Picoult

I wanted to write the anti-Romeo and Juliet story: Well, I asked the hard questions: Finally, I spent a great deal of time in court, and talking to defense attorneys.

The doctor waited until Michael inclined his head, then drew back the blind. He ran past the man on the stretcher clutching his heart, four times older than Emily would ever be.

The title refers to The Pact between Emily and Chris.