Jmol is a free, open source molecule viewer for students, educators, and researchers in For the most up-to-date scripting documentation see the Jmol/ JSmol. Documentation of Jmol’s scripting language can be found here: http://chemapps. This is the official. JSmol is a fully functional implementation of Jmol that does not Various ways to create surfaces and more documentation on surfaces.

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Various ways of invoking scripts are demonstrated. You should use them only if you are experienced and you know precisely what you need. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you start all your references with ‘document’. Nmol JSmolor running JSmol without your own server.

Table of Contents 1. Jmol as a standalone application. Jmol is a free, open source molecule documentatlon for students, educators, and researchers in chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and materials science. Embedding the Jmol Applet in a Web Page.

So if you make the atom sizes large you will get disappointing results. One method is to use the ‘javascript: Those with interest in molecular visualization, especially the education and research communities, are encouraged to join the jmol-users mailing list or even the jmol-developers mailing list.


Applet was not compiled with a classic compiler. Put this file in the directory on your webserver. If you prefer, a list of articles that describe Jmol can be found in the Jmol Literature section of the Jmol Wiki. The JmolApplet provides an upgrade path for users of the Chime plug-in.

Jmol Documentation

Table of Contents Scripting References Ways to integrate scripts. How to cite Jmol The recommended way to cite Jmol is: You can also learn by examining web pages that use Jmol: The recommended way to cite Jmol is: You can change to another language if desired.

We recommend that you use the name ‘jmol’ as in:.

Jmol is an open-source viewer for three-dimensional chemical structures, with features for chemicals, crystals, materials and biomolecules. One good reference source is http: A short script included as an applet parameter which is executed as soon mmol the applet is loaded.

The underlying technology that supports this is known as LiveConnect. Jmol can be translated into your laguage.


License terms of use J S mol videos J S mol events. The environment variable was not recognized by the JVM, which in return did not start. The Jmol Applet Guide describes the Jmol applet. The ‘loadInline’ method allows you to load a molecular model of this type.

Jmol – Research Computing Documentation

Learn to use Jmol Manuals and tutorials A handbook has been published for learning Jmol, and there are also other publications about Jmol.

More official, general and static information about Jmol is available in the Jmol web site. The different projection modes are easily visible with crystaline structures or when the enclosing boundbox is turned on, as in:.

Documentation for the JavaScript Library Jmol. This document demonstrates, using a 3D periodic table, which radii Jmol uses for elements.