A guide to setting up the Linksys/Sipura SPA and SPA as an FXO Gateway simplified installation and configuration instruction by JMG Technology. Sipura SPA Simplified Users Guide Version b A Step by Step Introduction Written by Jason from JMG Technology Section 1 Getting Started When you. PSTN-VoIP gateway. SPA information Software And this http://www. Or, go to this line.

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Checking Computer Network Settings: Use a better handset 2.

Sipura SPA-3000 Simplified Users Guide Version 1.1b

You should end up with something like this:. DracoFelis’s post is brilliant! Here you will need to enter the proxy and registration information given to you by your VoIP provider. Here is a suggested approach:. Try it free for 14 days! Set Input Gain to 0 tschnology Output Gain to Change the view to hechnology. If you have a locked Engin box, you will have to use the Configuration Menu approach to setting the IP address.

Sipura SPA Simplified Users Guide Version b – PDF

Enter and listen to the response. So this is one hack that has been used by some people to combine other VoIP on the SPA itself with VoIP services that are only available via their own “locked down” adapters.


As to the power failure technokogy, another poster’s suggestion of using another country’s “dial tone” such as the Australian one linked to in this threadis probably the easiest way to customize your VoIP dial technoloyy to sound different than the PSTN dial tone you will get during a power failure. It is quite simple to do. Gateway 2 uses Gateway 3 uses and Gateway 4 uses.

The upgrade itself should only take a minute or so. Now you can drag the configuration file back onto your spx3000 whenever you want to reset the device configuration. Connect VP More information. Installation and setup guide V 1.

[SPA] $ for a Misrouted Call – VOIP Tech Chat | DSLReports Forums

Wait 1 minute to make sure the IE window is auto closed. Additional Set-up Information 4.

It sits in the technologu tray and gives a visual indication of the registration state of Line 1 and the PSTN. When technologt dial an 0 followed by a 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 and then nine of any other digit it will prepend 61 and remove the 0.

Whatever you do don’t turn the power of during this operation. Put the exe file in a clean folder. To do this, find the page on your hard drive, right click on it and Open With Notepad.


Please always refer More information. However they are invaluable feature of the SPA so you should at least learn the basics of how they work. Hangup, and you are done. spa300

When experiencing echo, the remote party umg only hears the last word they say because often there is a split second of silence after they stop speaking and before you start speaking. You will need to enter this gateway address manually shortly. PBX Configuration 3 4. You may corrupt firmware. Unit will reboot and all “User Changeable” configuration parameters will be reset to factory default values. Going forward, you jm simply add a 3rd Party Softphone and use those credentials to More information.

Algo can be integrated.

The upgrade procedure does not effect your current settings. Putting it all together Dial Plan 7: