JetBook Lite. This is similar to the JetBook with the rechargeable battery replaced with a AA battery compartment to use 4 standard AA batteries. Standard cells. Lightweight and super-portable, ECTACO jetBook Lite is the ultimate pocket library. Capable of storing thousands of books in the world’s most popular. Welcome to another Good e-Reader review! Today we take a look at one of the best e-reader offerings from Ectaco, the Jetbook Lite! How does.

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Ectaco Jetbook Lite e-Reader Review

We mentioned prior that Jetbook does not have a content distrubution system, but does read a ton ltie different formatrs for ebooks. Welcome to another Good e-Reader review! Ectaco tells me that it is some sort of interface issue with Adobe epub.

Pictures are very basic just showing you the title of them. Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Simpl. We also really lie its ability to read every major ebook format that is easily downloaded from the internet.

Please, note, that ordinary rechargeable batteries can be used as well. Today we take a look at one of the best e-reader offerings from Ectacothe Jetbook Lite! Salmon Pink Buy now!

The Jetbook Lite fairs very solid in the respects of its screen. It also has menu and settings languges to be able to be localized, including; English, German, Spanish, Polish, and Russian.

Check out some more specifics below! Ectaco – Unlimited linguistic resources for all of your needs. They ship all over the world at cheap affordable prices.


Most Electronic Readers have an internal battery used to power it, not so with the Ectaco Jetbook Lite. To ensure the security of your transactions, we are proud to partner with these programs: If you prefer expedited delivery please select one of the options below: I like that this reader can read so many different formats. It does not over-complicate the feature used to give you the meanings. Today, mobility is extremely important. All of the main settings are broken into main categories and then launch corresponding sub categories.

If you are unable to access the page with the order form, please install SSL support on your browser.

jetBook-Lite Leather case – ECTACO

Whether you’re multilingual, trying to learn a foreign language, or just want to travel Europe, America and Asia, you will face no difficulty switching easily between languages available in this application.

You can select another product from our expanded and updated online catalogue here. Over languages available.

Read this page in your language. I usually side load it from my collection, but I have also used Adobe to load library books. The internet is rich in being able to download a ton of free content. You may also choose to pay for your order using an alternative payment method including checks, postal money orders, bank transfers, PayPal, Moneybooker, Google checkout, etc. Now you can read not 20, as it used to be, but 23 hours nonstop without a recharge.


This unique design offers a handy way to keep your ketbook safe and takes almost no extra space in your pocket. There is also plenty of websites that sell ebooks in ePub format that you can easily load into your e-reader via Adobe Digital Editions. If you are interested lie purchasing the Jetbook Lite, check out our retail partner Shop e-Readers!

All orders are delivered by a courier service in business days. Compared to the prior offerings of Ectaco the Jetbook Mini and the original Jetbook this is the most superior device they have launched to date.

So there is enough on the e-reader to get you reading as soon as you buy it. There is the direct pronunciation and 3 quick half sentences that tell you the different meanings. Meet the first-ever multilingual Ectaco Crosswords for Android – a perfect tool which combines the fun and entertaining process of solving puzzles with language learning on your Android phone.

Although it is not E-Ink it does use a monochrome based technology allowing it to be read in various lighting conditions. Anthracite Black Buy now! Planning on a trip to China?

Downloading e books is now easier than ever too. Adobe says that since epub is freeware, they will not help.