Testament: Memoir of the Thoughts and Sentiments of Jean Meslier [Jean Meslier, Michael Shreve] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Know. Jean Meslier () served as a Catholic priest for 40 years, but after his death was discovered to have written the very first book-length. Remarkable for its era, his page Testament shows us that Jean Meslier “ invented a radical atheism, proposed a hedonist ethic, formulated.

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Testament of Jean Meslier: Purpose and Message

Izzet rated it really liked it Jan 07, Voltaire published his own version in expurgated form as Extraits des sentiments de Jean Meslier Prior to announcing Meslier as the first atheist philosopher, Onfray considers and dismisses Cristovao Ferriera, a Portuguese and former Jesuit who renounced his faith under Japanese torture in and went on to write a book entitled The Deception Revealed.

He assures us that all we ask of God in his name shall be obtained and if we have faith that is as tiny as a mustard seed we could move mountains with only a word. Nevertheless, it is on this ridiculous foundation that the entire Christian religion rests.

Nuno de Oliveira rated it really liked it Jul 17, As for the place where he first retreated after leaving the desert, Matthew says ch. It is said that all the sects that are erroneous and false will come to a shameful end. Jerome, a famous doctor among them, says in several places in his prologues that they were corrupted and falsified. In this beautiful dream God appeared to him and he said Gen 31, If that promise were true nothing would appear impossible to our Christ-lovers, who have faith in their Christ.

Finally, their fourth reason for belief, which is really the principle one, is drawn from the grandeur and the multitude of jsan performed in all times and places in trstament of their religion. That so to speak they commanded the elements, that God so favored them that even after their deaths he granted them his divine power, and this testamwnt the least of their garments, and even unto the shadow of their bodies and the shameful instruments of their deaths.

Testament by Jean Meslier

If you care about truth over loyalty to some sort of holy dogma, you owe it to yourself to read a little more widely for a better view of what we can really know. They only speak in keeping with their ideas and their hollow imagination. But it is obvious that a blind belief in all that is proposed in the name of and on the authority of God is an erroneous principle and a falsehood.

Hi Luke, I agree it has been misattributed, but to Holbach, not Meslier. If this is the case, why is it that the first is called the Father, rather testameht the mother? It is for this reason that the Manicheans and the Arians, who existed in the early days of Christianity, had no use for co-called miracles performed through the invoking of saints, and mocked those who invoked them after teatament deaths and who honored their relics.


They contradict themselves again on tedtament location of the appearances, for Matthew says that they were in Galilee on a mountain, Mark says that they were when he was at the table, Luke says that he led them out of Jerusalem and brought them as far as Bethany, where he left them and rose to jeann, and John says that it meslidr in the city of Jerusalem in a house where they had closed the doors, and another time by the sea in Tiberias.

These are quite remarkable and timely quotes. Memoir of the Thoughts and Feelings of Jean Meslier ; and so does his subtitle: The Testament of Meslier has never been published in English translation beforewhen Prometheus Books re-issued it in English. On the subject of the duration of the public life of JC, according to what the first three Gospels say there could hardly have been three months from his baptism to testment death, supposing that he was thirty when he was baptized, as Luke says, and that he was born on December See how many creatures have been lost teetament you will see that the Christian religion has made half of humanity perish.

Testament de Jean Mesliernouvelle edition. Testament of Jean Meslier: That Saint Francis commanded the sparrows and that they obeyed him, as well as swans and other birds, and they too obeyed him, and that often fish, rabbits and hares placed themselves in his hands or his bosom.

There is just as little certitude, or even likelihood, concerning the miracles of the New Testament as there is of the Old to fulfill the preceding conditions. The following passage is found at the end of Voltaire’s Extraitand has been cited in support of the view that Meslier was not really an atheist.

As for the so-called miracles reported in the Old Testament, they were only performed in order to demonstrate an unjust and odious regard for peoples and individuals, and to deliberately overwhelm some with evils so as to favor others. Micheal rated it really liked it Aug 28, What appearance of divinity is there in these coarse dreams and vain illusions?

My brothers, you know my disinterestedness. They adore a God in three persons, or three persons testameht one God, and they grant themselves the power of making Gods of clay and flour, and even of making as many as they want. What is more, these so-called miracle workers want us to believe in them, and not those done by others in the opposite party, mutually destroying each other.

Did the Son of Man come in a cloud?

Testament: Memoir of the Thoughts and Sentiments of Jean Meslier

If it can be supposed that some were falsified and corrupted, the same can be supposed for the others. Is our century not eloquent proof of this? But I detest their insatiable cupidity and the unworthy pleasure their kind show in mocking the ignorance of those they are careful to maintain in that same state of blindness. Is it not amusing mezlier a piece of red cloth, exposed by a whore in order to serve as a signal to spies in the Old Testamentserves as the blood of Christ spilled in the New?


Walid rated it it was amazing Apr 30, On the contrary, Luke says that Joseph and the mother of Jesus mexlier remained for six weeks in the place where their child Jesus was born, that in keeping with the law of the Jews he was circumcised there eight days after his birth.

In fact, they are the words of a quiet, modest parish priest named Jean Meslier, who died in early 18th-century France and left behind his copious Testament as a legacy for his parishioners. But how can they be male rather than female since they have neither body not form nor face? When Meslier died, there were found in his house three copies of a page octavo manuscript in which the testamwnt curate denounces religion as “but a castle in the air”, and theology as “but ignorance of natural causes reduced to a system”.

If this is not what our Christ-lovers mean, that their God expressly made creatures so as to render them miserable, then that it would certainly be an unworthy thought to have of an infinitely good being.

Anyone with a slight bit of skepticism knowing full well that other men of old had manufactured religions in the name of Godwill have to conclude that this pathetically suspect documentation must be a purely man-made fiction.

All the books of the Law of Moses and the prophets that could be found were burned at the time of Antiochus. Believe the good news.

Recopied, it circulates illicitly.

Equally common is the version mesliee by Diderot: One can see how they acted and spoke, their dreams, their illusions, their reveries, and it would be easy to judge that they much more resembled visionaries and fanatics than they did men both wise and enlightened.

I have carefully avoided exhorting you to bigotry, and I spoke to you as rarely as possible of our pitiful dogmas. After this they hestament to Galilee to their city of Nazareth, where their child Jesus every day grew in grace and wisdom, and his mother and father went every year to Jerusalem on the solemn days of Passover.

Vasko kotan rated it it was amazing Jun 04,