Once again Jean M. Auel opens the door of a time long past to reveal an age of wonder and Ayla ventures into the land of the Mamutoi–the Mammoth Hunters. This article is a stub. You can help Earth’s Children by expanding it. The Mammoth Hunters is an historical fiction novel by Jean M. Auel released in Buy (ebook) The Mammoth Hunters from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader reviews and much more at Dymocks.

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What if they don”t like me? Visitors always bring a little excitement, and we haven”t had visitors for a while. Praise “Lively and interesting. In fact I believe any good editor could cut these books down by hundreds of pages.

The Mammoth Hunters – Jean M. Auel – Google Books

Ayla finds herself torn between her strong feelings for Ranec and her powerful love for the wildly jealous and unsure Jondalar. Others are amazed that Ayla can ride the beast, and it appears she is one of the first humans to do so. He even made Jondalar seem small, though the man who held her towered over most men.

Auel hknters away from the story to go into Textbook Mode, describing concepts these people would have no knowledge of permafrost, homogeneous crystalline silica or flint, asides into what would happen thousands of years later, etc.

Auel By Jean M. Jondular is especially annoying with his ability to flagellate himself and then nearly raping Ayla.


I’m sorry, but if you can invent new sex positions you should be able to tell your partner how you feel! Liefhebbers van Jean M. She adopts an orphaned foal she orphaned it! Aside from the love story being obnoxious, you half expect that Jondolar has reverted back to a child that has no idea how to verbalize emotions and handle stress and that Ayla is going to invent nuclear fusion any day now.

It just went on and on mamoth on without getting anywhere.

Which is precisely why this one got as low of a score as it did, my expectations were much higher. I was jeam off Jean M. And you know what else?

She finds herself drawn to him. Auel released in Because Jondalar pulls back from her, Ayla thinks he doesn’t love her anymore, and decides she’d better stick with Ranec even though she doesn’t truly love him, because then at least she’ll have someone who cares for her.

The depiction of a hunter gatherer society living in the shadow of the great continental ice shelf remains splendid. Unfamiliar with tye ways of the Others, Ayla misunderstands, and thinking Jondalar no longer loves her, she turns more to Ranec.

It is also in this book that Ayla meets the Mamutoi and she realizes she has at last found her people, called the Others by the Clan of the Cave Mammoyh who raised her. The colt is Racer.

The Mammoth Hunters

Feb 11, Danielle rated it it was ok Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. We had this au pair, an extremely smart girl who later became the editor of an mammoht journal. I wouldn”t think a mare would let anyone get close to her at that time,” one of the other men said. We get it already. I wouldn’t be surprised if she invents the wheel kammoth achieves world peace in the next book! The big man suppressed a shudder of awe.


For some reason, both of the main characters bothered me to some degree in this book. Okay, so I generally don’t write reviews, because it takes me a lot of time that could be spent reading another book, but this time I NEED to address something that everyone forgets to address.

The author also uses the same mam,oth long minutely precise descriptive passages for common sexual activity as she uses for stone age technology e. Several people smiled, or chuckled, xuel Jondalar realized they must all have been thinking about riding a horse. Account Options Sign in.

There was one particular scene which was pretty creepy and sounded like very intense spirit magic, and I like all the rituals and music associated with the magic even though I have no idea how accurate it is – it sounds cool! At her adoption ceremony, Ranec kisses her and tells her he wants to bed her.