Contents In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities 1 Or, The End of the Social 65 The Implosion of Meaning in the Media 95 Our Theater of Cruelty The whole . In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents) [Jean Baudrillard, Paul Foss, John Johnston, Paul Patton, Stuart Kendall, Sylvère Lotringer. In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities has ratings and 15 reviews. فرشاد said : در این کتاب توضیح داده می‌شود که چگونه در عصر جدید، امر اجتماعی به وان.

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No more object of knowledge, no more subject of knowledge. Despite having been surveyed to death and the constant solicita- tion, the information, to which it is submitted is 28 In the Shadow of the Si lent Majorities equivalent to experimental torture on laboratory animalsit says neither whether the truth is to the left or to the right, nor whether it prefers revolution or repression. The masses alienated in medicine?

This story no more belongs to an objective and informative order than terrorism does to the political order. Or, the End of the Social order simulacra, and, absorbed into third-order simulacra, it is dying.

With the masses no longer “alienated” as Marx had described, but rather indifferent, this phenomenon made revolutionary explosion impossible, says Baudrillard.

A de-simulation which itself captures the style of a challenge the reverse of capital’s challenge of the social and society: Whatever its political, pedagogical, cultural content, the plan is always baudrillare get some meaning across, to keep the masses within reason; an im- perative to produce meaning that takes the form of the constantly repeated imperative to moralise 9 Jean Baudrillard information: There would thus be a fantastic irony about “matter,” and every ot of science, just as there is a fantastic irony about the masses in their muteness, or in their statistical discourse so con- forming to the questions put to them, akin to the eternal irony of feminity of which Hegel speaks — the irony of a false fidelity, of an excessive fidelity to the law, an ultimately impenetrable simulation of passivity and obedience, and which annuls in return the law governing them, in ac- cordance with the immortal example of Soldier Schweik.

Rather, the masses function as a gigantic black hole which inexorably inflects, bends and distorts all energy and light radiation approaching it: But we must not delude ourselves about a smooth transition. Neither realised, nor idealised: While the latter is always based on information, the message, the positive signal some “meaning”conveyed by a medium waves or lighthere something different appears whose meaning or mystery revolves around the absence of infor- mation.

Who plays into the other’s hands? Or, The End of the Social 65 The Implosion of Meaning in the Media 95 Our Theater of Cruelty The whole chaotic constellation of the social revolves around that spongy referent, that opa- que but equally translucent jeean, that nothing- ness: When the remainders reach the dimensions of the whole of society, one has a perfect socialisation.


This hypothesis alone seems absurd and unthinkable to him. It is a circular set-up in which the desire of the audience is put on stage, an anti-theater of communication, which, as we know, is never anything but the recycling “in the negative” of traditional institutions, the integrated circuit of the negative.

There is no desire for fascism and for power any more than there is for revolution. Proportional to the reinforce- ment of social reason, it is the jsan community which soon becomes residual and hence, by one more spiral, the social which piles up. The mass absorbs all the social energy, but no longer refracts it. Present-day ter- rorism, initiated by the taking of hostages and the game of postponed death, no longer has any ob- jectives if it claims to have any, they are ridiculous, or unachievable, and in any case, this is quite the most ineffective method of attaining themnor any determinate enemy.

It is a gigantic process of simulation with bauerillard we are very familiar. But this belief may be thought to be as am- biguous as the one attached to myths in archaic societies. The liberating practices res- pond to one of the aspects of the system, to the Jean Baudrillard constant ultimatum to make of ourselves pure objects, but they don’t respond at all to the other demand, which is to constitute ourselves as sub- jects, to liberate ourselves, to express ourselves at silenr price, to vote, produce, decide, speak, par- ticipate, play the game — a form of blackmail and ultimatum just as serious as the other, prob- ably even more serious today.

It loses its political definition, and is forced to ac- cept, all the while trying to thwart, this rever- sibility of all the actors in the same process. The social, if it existed with second-order simulacra, no longer even has the opportunity to be produced with third-order ones: In any discipline what- soever, the coded, controlled, “objective” form of inquiry only allows for this circular type of truth, from which the very object aimed at badurillard excluded.

This revolution by involution is not theirs: Sexuality has precisely become a “sex- ual relation,” it can be majoritiees about in these already ra- tionalised terms of value and exchange, only by ignoring any form of seduction — just as the social only becomes a “social relation” when it has lost any symbolic dimension.

It propagates, by its own non- representativity, and by chain reaction not by 53 Jean Baudrillard remonstration and consciousness raising the ap- parent non-representativity of all power.

Implosive Critiques | Screen | Oxford Academic

Litter piling up from the symbolic order as it blows around, it is the social as remainder which has assumed real force and which is soon to be universal. I’m sure reading it while trying to understand it all would have been much more difficult, and taken much longer, but it’s just a matter of deciphering the quarter to half page long sentences and breaking down some of the terminology.


Besides, it will sahdow noticed retrospectively that the concepts “class,” “social relations,” “power,” “status,” “institution” — and “social” itself — all those too explicit concepts which are the glory of the legitimate sciences, have also 4 In baudrillardd Shadow of the Silent Majorities only ever been muddled notions themselves, but notions upon which agreement has never- theless been reached for mysterious ends: The medium alone functions th an atmospheric effect and acts as spectacle and fascination.

For a long time, never- theless, a balance came into play teh the proper sphere of the political and the forces reflected in it: It is useless to dream of a revolu- tion through content or through form, since the medium and the real are now shadoow a majoritiez nebulous state whose truth is undecipherable.

Beyond it, nothing takes place that has meaning for us – but it suffices to exceed this ultimatum of meaning in order that catastrophe itself no longer appear as the last, nihilistic day of reckoning, such as it functions in our current collective fantasy.

This is always a hypocritical hypoth- esis which protects the intellectual complaisance of the producers of meaning: Nor is it possible to reclaim a positive use for the media, or a transparence of repres- sion: Final somersault of the intellectuals to exalt in- signficance, to promote non-sense into the order of sense. And the social is what takes They no longer have a referent in view, but off model.

So is the mass, an in vacuo aggregation of in- dividual particles, refuse of the social and of media tbe Thus the in- stitutions which have sign-posted the “advance of the social” urbanisation, concentration, production, work, medicine, education, social security, insurance, etc. The auton- omy of the political was inversely proportional to the growing hegemony of the social.

It is in this sense, in the sense in which they are precisely anybody, that they are the predestined victims of terrorism. Don’t have an account? The adman cannot but believe that people believe in it — however, slightly, that is, that a minimal probability exists of the message reaching its goal and being de- coded according to its meaning.

Thus communication as well as the social functions baudrullard a closed circuit, as a lure — to which is attached the force of a myth.

In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities

Now polls, tests, the referendum, media are devices which no longer belong to a dimension of representations, but to one of simulation. View all 4 comments. A symphony concertante, in which the relentless reversion of meaning enters the well-tempered scenario of desire, in the shadow of a repression which opens up the reverse possibility of liberation.