Complete summary of Jean Anouilh’s Becket. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Becket. Becket has ratings and 80 reviews. Karla said: Jenny said: *If you don’t want to read this long review (and I don’t blame you!), skip to the as. Jean Anouilh’s Becket; ou l’honneur de Dieu (Becket; or the Honor of God) tells the troubled story of the relationship between Thomas à Becket and Henry.

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Turning to the plays in question, an idea or more precisely, an intuition prior to perception, dominates Eliot’s play. It was not until he showed the finished play to a friend that he found out the old book he had based it on was historically incorrect in certain important aspects.

The tension between the two is healthy, though it must sometimes break and lead to disruption, even to violence and death. And as for your youth — that dusty flower pressed in a hymnbook since you were twelve years old, with its watery blood and its insipid scent — you can say farewell to that without a tear.

Becket, or the Honor of God from BookRags. Get both of them. Did you love me when I made you Chancellor? Here, Anouilh appears to deviate from the pattern; Becket is murdered by the evil barons. The initial reaction of the King’s friend is at once one of fear and reluctance: Various readings of the play suggest that Henry does this to exert his power over Becket or that he does this to punish Becket for his refusal to admit he loves him.

Kenner rightly suspects that the incredible richness and allusiveness of the choral speeches must certainly be wasted on an audience jsan they tumble over and interact with one another. Henry never forgets that he is king, however; in a crucial scene, he takes Becket’s mistress from him, merely to show Becket that he can.

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Becket, or the Honor of God Summary & Study Guide

Only this issue provokes a confrontation, for the law says that ecclesiastic authorities must judge a priest. And if one day, he meets it face to face His stability at the wheel’s center contrasts with the sinful waverings of mankind.

Originally published on my blog here in January The relationship between Henry II and Backet is a fascinating one, particularly with the way that it changed once Becket was ordained and became Archbishop of Canterbury.

In the final scenes of the play, it is clear that Becket will sacrifice his own life in order to uphold God’s honor. The film is based on this play and parts of it may not be true.

It stands today as solid story-telling and good theatre but it is not a particularly deep play. Let us not indulge in empty words. Priest offers a selection of writings nean the influential existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. We read about these two people who have grown up beckdt and we know they can both aonuilh the storm awaiting them. The befket approaches of the four Tempters, each of them going a step beyond his predecessor, are formally duplicated by the frenzied, drunken accusations, murder and self-defence of the four knights.

Henry finds himself trapped by the life-force no less than Thomas had. He maintains his own council. Nonetheless, Becket continued to oppose the king. For more information, visit our inspection copies page.

This article is about the play. This is perhaps the only reward of an essentially evil but human monarch who, in spite of everything, is capable of love. Nonetheless, Anouilh’s large body of work, including some thirty plays as well as popular films, continues to identify him as a leading international playwright of the twentieth century.

Has the honor of God been washed clean? Had he been more perspicacious, he would have known that Becket had a anoulih penchant for seemingly emulating the actions of a saint while laboring assiduously for the perfection of his own supremacy. But since he’d already completed the work before someone informed him of his “error”, he chose not to rewrite it to reflect the current historical theory: Therefore, his royal aniuilh has a brilliant idea and nominates his companion to be the next archbishop of Canterbury.


As Dynamene says in A Phoenix Too Frequent, “When the thoughts are alert for life, the instincts rage for destruction.

Consequently, while the king grows in his love for Becket, Becket does not requite that love. Once Henry has committed his initial act of pride—naming Becket to fill the posts both of Chancellor and Archbishop, Becket is effectively deprived of meaningful choice. When the archbishop of Canterbury dies, Folliot is the likely successor; Henry’s appointment of Becket seals Folliot’s hatred of the man.


Becket, or the Honor of God |

Becket is resilient in staying loyal to whatever his given responsibilities are. In this essay, Henningfeld examines Anouilh’s construction of gender in the roles of Henry, Becket, and the two queens. But in Eliot an implacable, nearly immobile fixation on the eternal is embodied in his saint who “no longer desires anything for himself, not even the glory of martyrdom.

Sure enough, they do. Published September 1st by Riverhead Books first published Henry recalls earlier times when they were best friends. This does not absolve humans from the responsibility of choice. Maybe if I actually saw it instead of just reading it, I would feel differently.