Import and Export through the Command Line. ‹ Import .. If necessary, you can find links for downloading JDBC drivers from the Jaspersoft Community website. To prevent horizontal truncation of an Ad Hoc report when exported, set the Actual Size option in the Ad Hoc Editor. Excel (Paginated). XLS. Not recommended. As a Jaspersoft administrator, you can export and import the Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting content. This content includes organizations, Ad.

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Use the check boxes and multi-select lists to choose the contents of your exported catalog file:.

Import and Export through the Command Line | Jaspersoft Community

Another option is to use the Alternate Import-Export Scripts because they do not require any configuration, regardless of the installation method. In addition, it recurses through all its subfolders. The repository paths shown in this chapter assume you are using a commercial edition of the server. When calendars are presnent in an export catalog, they are always processed and added upon import. Depending on the database you use, copy the installation configuration file: See Hive-Hadoop data sources.

Products Solutions Services Resources. Polling the Export Status. A URI can also specify a folder. Export Resources Dialog in the Repository 5. Resources in the catalog replace those in the repository if their URIs and types match. If any server settings have been modified in the UI, those are included as well. A URI can specify jaspersdrver resource such as a report. When using the js-import command line utility, the server must be stopped to avoid issues with jaspersetver, configuration, and security.

Then you must enter the keystore fxport when prompted by the import command. Comma separated list of roles to export; if no roles are specified with this option, all roles are exported. Use this option to import catalogs without overwriting currently defined users. In this case, all associated resources such as images, subreports, data sources, resource bundles, and class files are exported. JAR files, administering JasperAnalysis. If you specify a folder URIs, the scheduled jobs for all reports in the folder, recursively, are exported.


Import and Export through the Web UI | Jaspersoft Community

The default behavior when a resource is found in the target repository that has the same URI as the resource that you are attempting to import is to skip the creation operation and leave the existing resource unchanged no overwrite occurs.

When server settings are imported, they take effect as soon as the server is started. The exportArgs argument requires double quotation marks ” and can contain more than one export option, as shown in these Windows examples:. This option is equivalent to: A list of report URIs for which all scheduled jobs are exported. To select specific users and roles: There are two pre-requisites in order for the catalog to contain configuration settings: When specified with include-attributes, only attribute names are exported with null values.

This option should only be used in conjunction with –uris. The system user name and password are not required because js-import and js-export do not make changes to database schema. The –uris option allows you to exporh one or more resource URIs. jaspersedver

Jaspersoft recommends you stop your server instance before running the export utility. All URIs are repository paths originating at the root.

You can also export the internal definitions for scheduled jobs, users, roles, as well existing audit data. Make sure the output location specified for an export is writable to the user running the command.

The Skip user updates option allows you to keep the current definition of any users that also exist in the imported catalog. Comma separated list of folder or resource URIs in the repository. A list of role names to export.


The repository paths shown in this chapter assume you are using a commercial edition of the server. When specifying users, you must give their organization ID expor applicable, for example:.

See Hive-Hadoop data sources. When specified, the export will omit all the items such as roles, users, and resources that belong to suborganizations, even if they are directly specified using the corresponding options.

Upon import, the folders and resources will inherit the permissions of the destination repository. Include monitoring data for all resources and users in the export. The server will also export the users that are assigned those roles. Buildomatic is another command-line script that is based on the Apache Ant tool to automate installations.

The roles assigned the users you selected are highlighted. When used with –update, users in the catalog are not imported or updated.

How to import the entire content of jaspersoft from one instance to other

By default, this box is checked. Resources in the catalog replace those in the repository if their URIs and types match. None of the folders or resources in a Temp folder are exported. Take appropriate measures to secure the catalog file from unauthorized access if you export users. The following examples compare the two commands: Options in js-import Command Option Explanation –help Displays brief information about the available options. Make sure the JDBC driver for your database is located in the following folder: Exporting From the Settings UI To export jasperservr and roles in addition to, or instead of, jaspersever contents, use the server settings pages for system administrators.