Truth in Translation, by Jason BeDuhn (who is not George Kaplan, nor Jason David BeDuhn is an associate professor of religious studies at. “Truth in Translation” by Jason DeBuhn FREE Download The book touts the NWT to be the most accurate translation, so it has become immensely popular I find linguists not to have that bias, as beDuhn and Kedar show. Jason David BeDuhn, Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament. University Press of America. Reviewed by.

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But since Paul uses all things appositively that is, interchangeably with creationwe must still reckon with Christ’s place as the first-born of creation, and so the first-born of all things. This kind of citation of another translation does not prove anything; it merely indicates how the choices of the translator is similar to that made by another translator at some time.

Among these are his constant lapsing into his own bias interpretation, incorrect handling of John 1: Another set of samples might yield some different configurations of results. neduhn

Every English translation will be biased in the translation of the word pneuma. We can excuse any translation for not using “worship” beduhj homage before man is described. However, the author’s sentence must be taken in the greater context of the Appendix as a whole.

The word proskuneo is used of individuals prostrated before man, before Jesus and before God. We will consider that subject in the Appendix comments. He stops and clarifies that “of course” when he says “all things” he doesn’t mean that God himself will be subject to Christ, but all other things will be, with Christ himself subject to God. In the words of Jason David BeDuhn, there are none. In the case of the New Testament, the translation is biased if those accommodations are used to promote a particular doctrinal viewpoint.

All we can do is suggest by analysis of context and comparable passages, the “more likely” and “less likely” translations, and leave the question open for further light. My Struggle Some my be familiar with the website “revelation online” it is a site that put books online for free, usually in PDF format.

Now we can close the loop. Nathan Knorr, and especially Fredrick Franz, could not have missed that obstacle to producing their own translation.


The distinction in the examples is whether Jesus and God are the same or different subjects. The TEV goes even further than the previously considered translations in substituting theologically-motivated interpretation for a valid translation.

To do otherwise puts the translator in a position of interpreting the passage according to a theological bias. In other passages, however, it allows an abuse wherein the translator’s theological bias is introduced and interpretation is included in the translation.

By moving beyond translation of the Greek to an interpretation, the translator ventures from the bedrock of the text to the shifting sands of opinion. Would we expect Paul to qualify this passage with his own “all other things” if Jesus was not eternal and the all was to be understood as hyperbole?

However, I believe BeDuhn has stumbled a bit on his own bias at this point. He puts out to pasture various bogus grammatical rules that almost seem, like the grammar of Koranic Arabic, to have been fashioned to protect the text from heresy.

Confirms I’m using the best translation: The notion of “[other]” is contrary to the otherwise all-inclusive tone of the passage when the New World Translation says, ” all [other] things were beduh in the heavens and upon the earth, the things visible and the things invisible, no matter whether they are thrones or lordships or governments or authorities.

This biography of an American theology academic is a stub. Dvaid it was written simply logoswithout the definite article howe would have to translate it as “a word.

BeDuhn seems to work from a basis of absolute neutrality on basic fundamentals of the faith such as the deity of Jesus Christ. Some my be familiar with the website “revelation online” it is a site that put books online for free, usually in PDF format.

But what about the indefinite theos in John 1: One is that Jesus’ name is above every name but Jehovah’s. However, our translators must discipline themselves in order to avoid theological bias. BeDuhn is defending in principle. That certainly seems to be true of Charles Taze Russell, their founder. Concern about the translation is nonsensical under this light.

Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament

Jason David BeDuhn, Ph. The problem in Hebrew 1: If both opponents and proponents of the New World Translation would apply the author’s principles to their own translation selection, we would all reap the benefit of reading Bibles which better reflect the intended message of the New Testament authors. I have no expertise which allows me to compare BeDuhn’s thesis against that of other Greek scholars who insist that the English wording “and the Word was God” is correct So, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that BeDuhn’s analysis of John 1: The fact that they do not, and apparently cannothave “Jehovah” in these three passages underscores the problem with the whole idea of using “Jehovah” in the New Testament.


This is a fantastically important book for all those seriously interested in what the Bible actually says.

Jason BeDuhn – Wikipedia

However, when that edition of the Christian Greek Scriptures was first released, the entire system of “J references” and footnotes to the Hebrew versions was fully intact. But it would mean that the translator editorialized the translation to imply a difference in status between Jesus and God which the Gospel writers did beruhn make.

Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament, would tell you; and it is only understandable to feel offended if you are a pious person with fervent devotion to your religious beliefs.

Even if these authors were using copies of the Greek Septuagint that preserved the divine name in archaic Hebrew letters, they were careful in their own writings to substitute the accepted euphemism “Lord” kurios. They cannot selectively use terms like kneel before to designate man, and worship to identify Jesus or God.

Mar 18, Deborah aka Reading Mom rated it it was amazing.

“Truth in Translation” by Jason DeBuhn FREE Download

The reader is undoubtedly aware that the written Greek used in the autographs consisted of only upper case letters. Lesr Kew rated it it was amazing May 04, Transpation I would understand the above translation to be saying. However, aside from his davkd to the “firstborn” which—as we have seen above—could be either a statement of origin or supremecyPaul does not tell us in this passage if Jesus is created or eternal.