She’s holding tight. He’s hanging loose. Eve Monroe is a stock-car PR pro who puts her career first—until an on-track wardrobe malfunction. McCarthy should have stopped to ask for directions instead of driving straight ahead with her sixth entry in the Fast Track series (after Slow. jackedup Eve handles PR for both of her brothers, and whatever they are paying her, it’s not enough. Through the last few books, she’s handled.

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I adored the first two books in this series. I loved the way that he actually listened to what she said and treated her far better than even her own family did. I can understand the whole work a holic thing but she was over the top.

See all books by Erin McCarthy. So she decided to do what she thought her family and society would want her to do – go to college and then become the PR rep for her brothers. View all 26 comments. Okay, there were no racing cars and kccarthy Vegas and no hot muscular jacjed that I ran my tongue over, but we met at work in September, we started mccrathy end of October, moved in together in November, got engaged in December and were married the following September — nacked than one year from the day we met.

One that is already on her doorstep and already in love, the happy, easygoing Nolan Ford. It was wonderful and I loved it – and I want more! At first I could not take Eve at all, such a bitch.

Jacked Up (Fast Track, #6) by Erin McCarthy

Nolan hadn’t spent this much time in a frantic lip-lock with a girl since high school. Jul 30, Kathy Davie rated it liked it Shelves: The Story Eve is such a funny charactershe’s such a guy!


At this point the only way this story can redeem itself is for Nolan to forget all about Eve and find someone else. The Magical Christmas Cat. After a while it takes its toll on you and your sarcasm can come off sideways and others take it the wrong way. Sometimes, the conflict feels forced and therefore makes the story feel wrong thus making the relationship feel wrong. That woman’t neuroses have neuroses.

And the story premise is amusing. The couple focus is on Eve Monroe and Nolan Ford. We all find ourselves doing this at some point in our lives. What started as an argument of Eve yelling to Nolan to wear underwear After a few dates she has Nolan pretty revved up.

Jacked Up by Erin McCarthy | : Books

And they both have the same drive. It makes it easy for the reader to slip inside their fictional “w See review on my blog: I loved how Eve fixed things and the grand gestures she made.

While she didn’t set out to hurt Nolan, she did just that. Poor Eve is getting a bad rep in reviews I loved the way that he understands Eve mccatrhy the very beginning.

Review: Jacked Up by Erin McCarthy (Fast Track #6)

Her brother is the hero in the first book and her other brother is the hero in the fourth book. I felt so bad for Nolan. I am not questioning how good a writer Erin McCarthy is, because I really like her books but I have not been blind to the flaws in her recent books a they have been really short b I have hated the heroine’s, being loud-mouthed is one thing but bitch Rating 2.


Read it and won’t buy it. Rating System I loved, loved, loved this book!

You witness real growth in her character in this book and she is written very well. And what’s more–her characters are flawed. He was very different from Eve, but seemed really good for her. Also by Erin McCarthy. June 5, at 4: Nolan helps Eve relax and let loose and I thought that was awesome to see. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. A lot more to her than the exterior. Eve is the Monroe sister, their PR person and really bitchy, most of it stems mccarthy her being unhappy with everything, her job, her life and I and even Nolan the hero questioned why didn’t mccatthy just change it then?

The Eve we see with Nolan almost seems like a different person, but the minute Eve starts thin This book had me laughing nacked of the time while I was reading it.

Is Kendall’s hair blonde or chestnut? Nolan is listening to her but refuses to see it as a problem. It’s just never good when you get to the end of the book and kinda wish the hero would ditch the annoying heroine and find someone better. Eve was insecure, crabby, sarcastic, surly, and often times outright bitchy, but I found her internal contemplation, constant worrying, and cranky-pants personality genuine and pretty damn funny at times.

Any fan of contemporary romance books need to give them a try.