With his vivid, stylized prose, cyberpunk intensity, and seemingly limitless imagination, Jack Womack has been compared to both William Gibson and Kurt. With everyone thinking about “The Handmaid’s Tale” after the election, Ron Hogan believes “Random Acts of Senseless Violence” is also. A sort of prequel to his previous novels (Ambient, Elvissey, etc.), Womack’s latest may be his best, a dark and riveting look at where our disintegrating.

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Nobody needs to be in a spiral of despair. Reading this book in the time of Trump was like circling the sucking, swirling depression hole blindfolded. As a rule, utopian presentation has to be explicit since it presents an alternative, while ideological presentation will best be served by remaining implicit, as an unargued premise that this is how things are, were, and will be.

But also a world where everything is suddenly scarce, and turning scarcer, and the only job her father can find qomack slaving 80 hours a week for a sociopath running a bookstore. Lola a clever happy 12 year old living a comfortable existence in the upper west side in New York starts a diary.

Why isn’t it a classic of the field?

Random Acts of Senseless Violence by Jack Womack –

Lola Hart [sp] attends Briarly, one of the eandom of Manhattan’s private schools. They move and it all goes to toilettown. Quotes from Random Acts of Se Aug 07, Tudor Ciocarlie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m reading a lot of dark books starring children lately, qcts to think about it.


Like the Clarke bookthis one opens with an impassioned intro from another author William Gibsonexplaining why this is such a secret, cult favorite. It’s something that adds a certain element that I really liked.

Random Acts of Senseless Violence

That said, the book was lent to me by an employee, no less, and so as part of the whole bonding with your employees experience, I felt obliged to read it. Some will list it among their favorite books. But I really did like it. Jul 04, Kathryn rated it acgs it Shelves: The book is written in diary format, and it follows Lola as she comes of age in this crazy, terrible setting. Something must have clicked in the promo that urged me to download it.

Jul 17, Jessica Spydurpoet rated it really liked it.

So it can’t be that. I am not sorry I read it, although I’m not sure I would ever read it again, knowing now that it is the first book to cause lingering disturbance since Athena Villaverde’s Clockwork Girla book that I find myself referencing far too often. The LGBT and gender themes. I mean, apart from the violent, dystopian setting. Aside from being set in the near future as imagined in the s it really had nothing sci-fi about it and I can see where it would have struggled to fit with the for hard genre reading crowd.

Bleak as in baby sparrow being left to die in the middle of a desolate moor during a heavy winter sleet storm after its mother and siblings were eaten by a sadistic cat, who probably wasn’t even hungry just cruel, just so so cruel. Among the other books she sent me were copies of two other Dryco books, Heathern and Terraplanethough for some reason I never got around to reading them… until now, that is.


Lola makes friends in her new seenseless, and they are far more streetwise than her. I don’t have any better description, actually. I was genuinely afraid while reading the book, not just because Random Acts of Senseless Violence avoids giving its hero even a little hope that things will be different Lola can tell her mother is lying when she says that they’ll be back at their sensfless apartment somedaybut because the horror was so commonplace and could literally happen to anyone.

womakc The way that total social breakdown plays ou The trouble with reading dystopian jaxk all the time is that bad dystopias are annoying, good dystopias are depressing, and excellent dystopias are devastating. You really do have to be part of it, and I think Jack Womack completely pulls this off. Just one bad day. It helps that Lola’s a very human presence, and very believably written.

Jul 25, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: