Iyami Osonronga, gbogbo ohun ti mba nwi. Ogbo lo ni e mda gbo dandan. Iyami Osoronga, e mo ohun mi o. Iyami Osoronga, igba l o ni ki e mda gba. Queen Iyami Osoronga. 53 likes. Orisa Oshun, direct descendant of the power of the seven mothers who generated the human species in the world daughter of. Iyami Osoronga: Divine Femininity: Divine Feminniity [Chief Fagbemileke Fatunmise] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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A Peep into the world of Witches.

Iyami Aje – Wikipedia

They are associated with the color white birth, and children. Traditional ceremonies once performed by women were then replaced osorongx being performed by men only under masks.

Retrieved August 25, According to Ileana Alcamo in Iya Nla: The influx of Abrahamic faiths and the European Witch hunts of Europe during the s coincided with the influx of Islamic and Christian colonialism and the slave trade in West Africa.

Most are fake and just want money. Yoruba cultural historians Bade Ajuwon and Samuel M. Traditional lore also states that Iyami are the only ones Olodumare trusts when bathing.

It refers not only to the power but the females that are connected to it. It is described uyami being at once invisible and ubiquitous. All female Orisha are considered Iyami.

Iyami osoronga

I am osofonga male of course. Invisible Powers of the Metaphysical World: Being a witch is not evil. Iyami are assigned the task of guiding Olodumare and enforcing natural laws established by Olodumare.


Witchcraft is a rare gift from Almighty God.

Eden in Sumer on the Niger: Iyami used as a common name refer to Orisha, female ancestors, or human. They are the ones that originally sent the Aje to the World. Chief who created being. Using your witchcraft power for evil is not good for you. Art and Female Power among the Yoruba. Iyami became demonized as more patriarchal regimes came into power under Abrahamic faithscausing many to go into secrecy to avoid persecution and possible death.

Women of Wisdom notes that the contradiction of suggesting no ooronga can initiate or claim to have been initiated while simultaneously saying only Iyami can initiate demonstrates the fallacy of the statement itself. Aje in Yoruba Cosmology, Ontology, and Orature. Osorojga Aboye, all Babalawos on the internet are not fake and all Babalawos off the internet are not real.

Manifestations iywmi Aje in Africana Literature. Primordial Mother, an Iyalaja is bestowed with wisdom authority, and the right tools that make the full manifestation possible. Existence, according to Yoruba thought, is dependent upon it; it is the power to make things happen and change. The question of whether and how initiations into Iyami Aje can occur is contentious for many, with some asserting that one cannot be initiated, others claiming that initiation can be done, and some individuals asserting that no one can choose to initiate as Iyami and only Iyami can choose who they will initiate as Iyami.

Eden in Sumer on the Niger: All you need right now is the proper training so that you will not hurt people with your powers. There are specific qualities and abilities that accompany it, according adherents.


I have been used and abuse,disrespected ,disregarded you name it.

Because of its secrecy and its exclusivity, it has been suggested that there is no initiation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Aje on earth fall into two categories, Oso, which are male Aje and the Eleiye which are female Aje. Using the term “witch” is especially dangerous because in many African communities the accused can be ostracized or lynched because of false accusations.

Like Mother Gods in other cultures, they have a triune function as creators, sustainers, and destroyers of life. They are associated with the color red and sustainability.

Others contend that according to Yoruba cosmology, all women, by virtue of their biology are considered Aje because the womb acts as a portal between Orun and Aye.

Iyami became demonized as more patriarchal regimes came into power under Abrahamic faiths causing them to go into complete secrecy to avoid persecution and possible death.

Ase is given by Olodumare to everything — Orisas, ancestors, spirits, humans, animals, plants, rocks, rivers and voiced iuami such as songs, prayers, praises, curses, or even everyday conversation. The power of the great mother is expressed in all female Orisha but also the Aje power can manifest in any woman who has inherited it from her mother.