Before you When calculating rates.g. Quick Start-Up Guide Setting up an infusion for the Ivac Rate Calculation ml to be infused in 2 hours 30 minutes. The IVAC® Volumetric Pump automatically regulates the infusion rate of intravenous solutions. Users are advised to read, to understand this manual and to be thoroughly familiar with the Pump prior to Tel: (27) (0) interferon α-2α, , , , , , , interferon α-2b, , , , , IVAC, ixabepilone, –,, ,, , ixazomib, .

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Press NEXT to go to language selection. The change of state position is independent of the actual syringe near end of infusion point. If abnormal performance is observed, additional measures may be necessary, such as re-orienting or relocating the pump. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Also check that the handset LED lights manyal then goes off. To assess the electromagnetic environment due to fixed RF transmitters, an electromagnetic site survey should be considered.

When refitting the bonded beam to the transmission shaft, maual torque level of 25cNM to the securing nut item B. Remove the two circlips securing the syringe shaft assembly spring. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Volume mode between 0.

IVAC® PCAM® Syringe Pump |

Drugs and protocols use mass based units only. See procedure below Replacing the alarm assembly with sounder modification kit Procedure: Syringe type not locked ivwc default syringe type – can be changed. Check that the pump is travelling at the correct speed, within the range of 4mins 50secs to 4mins 58secs.


Remove the nut securing the nursecall connector and slide out the connector assembly where nursecall connector is fitted separately. Remove the blanking plate label. Motor Gearbox Breakdown Note correct motor mounting kvac for item D.

See Chapter 3, ‘Routine Maintenance’ for further information.


Use the R Q buttons to position the manuwl at the start point of events to be downloaded. Perform upgrades by acquiring the software upgrade kits specified in spare parts listings.

Note 3—Compliance levels raised by EN When tightening the set cup grub screw, it is important to ensure there is no lateral movement between the latch cam and the case. All other components can be safely disposed of as per local regulations.

Plunger Detect The syringe plunger button position is detected using a slotted optical switch. Fit the Test Gear 3. Note the position of the joint see the illustration below.

M repeat procedure from Step 3. On the Teacher pump, enter the access code and on maanual Learner pump, enter the access code Conditions of Use The Pump should only be operated by a clinician competent in use of automated infusion pumps and post-placement management of intravenous catheters. R emove the nut securing the bonded beam. Detach the retaining plate from the battery.

Test results are stored: The user is responsible for verifying the suitability of a product used, if it is not recommended by CareFusion. Fit the retaining ring D by pushing it onto the torsion rod at the manuao furthest away from the motor mounting plate after the spacer, slide the ring up the torsion rod hard against the spacer to secure it. Loading doses are not available.


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Torque Guide The torque levels established during the manufacturing process are outlined in the ‘Refitting Notes’ sections of this chapter. Connect the pump to AC power supply. Agilent Heartstream XL Defib. O pen HyperTerminal on your PC. Pull up resistors are fitted to the RX inputs so that if a Communications PCB is not fitted the inputs to the microcontroller are held high. R Remove the rod support retaining screw then remove the circlip and the set cup screw from the latch cam.

On the File menu, select Properties.

Changing the clock will automatically: If the self-adhesive pad item D is not present, fit the pad to the top of the transformer then fold the ribbon cable firmly as shown below. Graseby Syringe Pump x Remove the three screws securing the flexi circuit to the carriage block.

CareFusion IVAC 598 Directions For Use Manual

View in English Change to English. A serial to parallel adapter is required. Should the clinical situation require it, the indicator light can majual disabled.