In this sequel to Troy, Geras once again shows her skill at Ithaka. Adele Geras, Author. Harcourt $17 (p) ISBN A companion piece for the author’s Troy ()—and another definitive example of storytelling so character-driven that nearly everything. Many years have passed since the end of the Trojan War, and Penelope is still waiting for her husband, Odysseus, to return home. The city of Ithaka is overrun.

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How zdele Penelope and Telemachus able to stay so faithful of Odysseus as he is abroad, failing and attempting to get home? Meanwhile, a new member of the household, beautiful and fickle Melantho, wins the heart of Penelope’s son, Telemachus, whom Klymene secretly adores.

As Athene tells Klymene, it’s just a game to them, and when the story gets wound up, it’s because the gods have got tired of it. This book would not have been my first choice; the cover looked boring and the summary on the back of the book didn’t hook adeel. I think young people interested in mythology and young people interested in first loves would enjoy this read. May 27, MeghanM rated it really liked it.

ITHAKA by Adèle Geras | Kirkus Reviews

The characters’ stories develop I enjoyed this book much more than “Troy” by Geras. Penelope is not sought after because of love, but because of her wealth and the lands she will soon possess if she gives her husband up for ade,e. Before Odysseus left he told Penelope that if he was gone long enough that Telemachus could grow a beard that she should remarry.

To ask other readers questions about Ithakaplease sign up. Ithaka, by Adele Geras, makes you see the other part.

I enjoyed this a great deal, and look forward to more Homeric side stories to help me keep the fantasy alive. I actually found the ithkaa between Odysseus and Argos the most emotion filled! Geras took the Oddyssey and Penelope’s own story through it as a basic background and formed her own story within that was mythic in it’s own scope.


Klymene’s faith and courage are repeatedly tested as the suitors reek havoc in the palace and her chances of winning Telemachus’ heart seem to grow dimmer gerzs day. Then many suitors and Lord Ithakx came to Ithaka. People who need action and suspense not that there isn’t any, but, as I said, not enough Apr 17, Anne Osterlund rated it liked it. I loved this book and i hope to pick up a copy sometime soon. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Her husband was the Marxist academic Norman Geras and their daughter Sophie Hannah is also a novelist and poet. View Full Version of PW. As the weeks and months go by, the cruel and barbaric Lords turn to ever more vile methods to force Penelope into choosing one of them. This book tells the story of what happened at Odysseus’ home for the twenty years he was away, first fighting in the Trojan War and then his ten-year long odyssey home.

This ends up causing everything like Penelopea’s loom being destroyed because of the shroud. It gives Klymene’s perspective on the period that Penelope waits for her husband to return from war, itgaka she holds contemptuous itha,a at bay, and tries to keep her fracturing family together. Set in Ithaka during the aftermath of adeoe Trojan War, the story unfolds from the point of view of year-old Klymene, faithful servant to Queen Penelope.

The other is Penelope herself. Through Penelope’s weaving, we see some of the challenges that Odysseus faces as he journeys home. You read the story of the island of Ithaka, post-Odysseus leaving for the war, in a focused point of view on Klymene. She is in an impossible position. There are heart-breaking tragedies as the young characters cannot see beyond the lies they are told.

Penelope’s loom

That privilege belongs to another young woman who has come to serve in the household, Melantho. Aphrodite weaves her cruel spells upon the hearts of Ithaka’s young people. Klymene helps her undo part of the work every night to keep them at bay. For Klymene, it’s difficult to fathom why Penelope is so determined to stay faithful to a husband who is most likely never to return.


You had to guess and cajole and tease the pain out of them, and it could be a tedious business. The queen, Penelope, waiting, weaving, and unweaving the shroud she has pledged to complete before choosing a new suitor to replace her husband.

Telemachus is a very whiny boy growing up who just isn’t quite man enough, and his childhood friends added whom the story is told through their eyes was were the book really shined. I hate it when characters die in books unless it’s actually important to the story or it makes me feel like I miss them afterwards. Sep 11, Hedwig rated it it was amazing. Kindness transcends so many boundaries and some characters show great selflessness in their choices.

Review: Ithaka by Adèle Geras | Books | The Guardian

Told through the eyes of Klymene, a young girl who is like a daughter to Penelope–and who longs for more than friendship from the young prince Telemachus– Ithaka captures the quiet strength and patience of a woman’s enduring love for her husband and the ensuing chaos that threatens all as Penelope is pressured to remarry. The Best Books of Jun 04, Samantha rated it really liked it. He has lost hope that Odysseus will one day return to Ithaka.

And her character foil ,Melantho is so very flat and under developed other than being a stereotype of a whore driven only by sexual desire. People who like a slow, interesting read. No, we’re staying back home, where it’s safe. Telemachus ends up ithqka in love with her, which breaks Klymene’s heart. So, there was a lot of unsentimental and unnecessary death. Would I recommend it?