getAllChildren().get(0).getAllChildren(); StringBuffer stringBuffer = new StringBuffer(); for (PdfOutline bookmark: bookmarks) { showTitle(bookmark, stringBuffer); }. Tags: iText 7building blocksChapter 6tutorialactionsdestinationsBookmarks drawn by the PDF viewer that renders annotations on top of the existing content. Interactivity within PDF documents is enabled though Anchors (links) and Bookmarks. Following earlier articles in my iTextSharp series, this.

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We use the makeDestination method using a PdfString object. SetLocalGoto method accepts a string, which acts a a label for the target.

We only see it when we open the bookmarks panel in our PDF viewer, and we can use it to easily navigate the document by collapsing items in a tree structure. We’ll fix these two exosting in the next example.

Get, create or edit outlines (bookmarks) from C# / applications

This method iteextsharp the title to a new page if the first paragraph of the chapter doesn’t fit the current page. You can retrieve this coordinate with the getVerticalPosition method.

That page number could be wrong if the title is moved to the next page. This option is almost itextshsrp to createFitVbut the height of the bounding box of the page is visible. A path to the file to open or execute; this entry occurs in combination with GoToR and Launch actions.

A scale value of gives percent zoom; left and top are set in a coordinate system where the origin is the top left of the visible page, regardless of the document rotation. Color values for red, green, and blue ranging from 0 to 1, defining the color of the title. String name, line. When answering a question please: After we learned that links are stored inside a PDF as annotationswe looked at some bookmark examples.


Chapter 6: Creating actions, destinations, and bookmarks

If truethe method will read the whole document and create the outline tree. While we were talking about actions, we mentioned the concept of destinations a couple of times. Subsection1 is added to Dxisting 2 and has been told to appear as a third-level entry in the tree. The PdfOutline class offers much more functionality, and you can use it to create bookmarks for existing documents.

This also works for PdfCopy. We won’t go into detail regarding the JavaScript functionality in PDF, but we’ll existlng a simple PDF that shows an alert when you click a link; see figure 6. One is underlined; the other is marked by a rectangle. You may want to review earlier exusting in this series, if you haven’t already done so. My site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features and to analyse traffic.

The resulting XML file looks like this: In line 1, we create the same JavaScript itextsgarp as in the previous example. We’ll discover another way to create named destinations once we discuss bookmarks, but first, we’ll create a couple of explicit destinations in the ExplicitDestinations example.


[Solved] How to import bookmark from XML to existing pdf? – CodeProject

This code snippet is shorter than the previous one because we don’t have to create a name and we itextshar; have to set that name as a destination. The left parameter defines an x coordinate; top defines a y coordinate; and zoom defines a zoom factor.

This time we set a destination; see line Just like in the PdfStamper example, you create an ArrayList for the bookmarks. The boolean parameter indicates if iText needs to update the outlines.

Adding bookmarks (iText 5)

When clicking the first link, the colors would be inverted. We create a JavaScript action in line 1.

Sign up using Facebook. We get the root object of the outline tree line 5. If the required zoom factors for the horizontal and the vertical magnification are different, the smaller of the two is used. Indicates whether the file to be opened must be opened in a new window; this entry occurs in combination with the GoToR action.