There are many misconceptions about Istikhara, but the sunnah method of istikhara is easy and anyone can do it. Here’s a step by step guide. – Urdu Islamic Website Find more at Page 2. Find more at Page 3.

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If you all took a few minutes to actually read our articles here on istikhara, you would find the answers to your queries.

If after reading our links on Istikhara, you have further queries about it, please log in and submit your question as a separate post. Sister May Allah swt grant you ease, ilm, good healt, comfort, and the best in this dunya and in the hereafter for you and your family, and grant you JannathALfirdows without any Hisab.

Its really important please reply. Its purely for study and after work in newzeland. If you require information about istikhara, please read the resources already provided on this website. Some people may claim to be able to tell you through practices such as looking at people’s names, but these are shirk practices, which have no place in Islam, and which won’t help you anyway.

You are the Great Knower of all things.

What is Salat_al-Istikharah | istikhara in Urdu | istikhara Dua ~ online istikhara center

I ask because I cannot memorize the methdo and would read it from my computer. Istikhara is a prayer for guidance from Allah, not fortune-telling. It has to be performed by one who is taking the decision. What your father should do for his business to prosper is seek some business advice regarding ‘car sales’. Oske parents ki marzi ke bagair please shaadi na kerna.

Many boht br istahkra Kia h pr muj sa sai NI hota plzzzz ap bta do kr k or koi dua b bta do k Mamo. Ma jn ko psand krti hu wo krty h mgr unk Mamo h wo is rishta sa happy ni h or larky ki ami Bhai ki Sid h k jsa bhi boly agr mn jay to ma b man jao gi Aap Isha ki namaz ke baad after witr’s aik aur 2 rakat ki namaz parhain aur dua mein istikhara ki dua parhain aur Allah swt se guidance maangain ke agar Anum aapke liyay sahi hai ke nahi.


Istikhara has nothing to do with names or birth dates. Meri family bahot strick hai job krna allowed nhi hai aur mera sab se bada shauk job karna hai aur meri shadi kisse hogi jise main chahu usse ya jisse meri family chahe usse??????

If you require advice, please submit your question as a new post for publication rather than as a comment on an existing post – that way it can be published and answered in turn, inshaAllah. No-one but Allah knows when your children will get married, or if they will marry in the family or outside.

That way it can be published and answered in turn, inshaAllah.

Sunnah Method of Istikhara

O Allah, I ask you of good through Your knowledge, and ability through Your power, and beg Your favour out of your infinite bounty. Istikhara is a means to seek methdo while making a choice between two or more options. Mujhai b apni shadi ka istakara kr wana hai.

AoA please sone one guide me men 1 kaam krna chahta hon but 4 saal se nhi ho rha kaam yeh k men apne aap men changing lana chahta hon kia istikhara krne se pta chal skta he k kia wja he k mera kaam ruka hoa he kia wo mere lie behter hoga ya nhi please someone Help me!!!!!!

I’m sure you can if you work on it bit by bit. I apologise if I have misunderstood, as my Urdu could be considered poor at best. Please read the articles about istikhara. He is a writer and poet at heart, and has been a web developer since Thanks for your response. You and the girl in question are the ones who want to marry, so you should both do Istikhara yourselves.


How to do (perform) Istikhara with dua. Arabic Text with Urdu and English Explaination – Istakhara

Wa in-kunta ta’lamu anna haadhal amr sharrun liy fiy deeniy wa-ma’aashiy wa-‘aaqibat amriy. I suggest you stop worrying about who you will marry exactly. Because if he is financially able to do it then hajj is obligatory and he does not have a choice. Please post in English if possible. Allahumma innee astakheeruka bi ilmika wa-astaqdiruka biqudratika wa-as’aluka min fadhlika al-adheem. Your case does not require Istikhaarah per se.

When anyone of you has an important matter to decide, let him pray two Rak’ahs other than the obligatory prayer, and then say:. Istikhara is not a machine in which you insert your names and hey presto, you get an answer. If after reading the information we have provided on our website about Istikhara you still need further help, please log in and write your question as a separate post.

When we pray istikhara, we are asking Istikhwra to guide us to the path that is best for us, and trusting in His will; this guidance doesn’t need to come as a dream or an omen. Jabir utdu Abdullah RA said: