Israr-e-Haqiqi اسرار حقیقی – A book by Sultan ul Hind Hazrat Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri R.A. – Muhammad Ali – Google+. This book, in fact, consists of words written to Khalifa e Khaas of Hazrat Moinuddin, Hazrat Bakhtyar Kaaki Rahmatullah Alaeh, as well a renowned Sufi. Download ISRAR E HAQIQI apk for Android. ISRAR E HAQIQIVERY INFORMATIVE BOOK IN URDU.

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Umar the real prayer is this and which is called prayer of divine. Aziz Sailani marked it as to-read May 28, That lover or beloved who belongs to such type that some of them used to live together till the time of illness of the death and some of them till death and some of them till the grave and after that nobody go with him beyond this limit.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And at that time, their prayer will be right and reality in this direction and 20 this prayer will become eligible in the court of Allah.


And due to only obedience of Allah I used to get comfort in this matter. And those who do not have friend and comforter then for them there will not available any friend for them.


This is also not right. Peeran e Peer Ki Shakhsiyat Read more.

Tarbiat E Nafas Read more. In every intention, there is a disappointment is there. Mojarbat e Imam Ghazali Read more. In this position of Salik Arabic: These are points which relate to the reality of Islamic creed.

Israr e Haqiqi

Arzang e Faqeer Read more. Islam Aur Asr e Hazir Read more. And to guide to the persons who have been lost in the desert of the disgrace and as to paying off the right to deserve persons is exactly Zakat.

We hope that you will have confidence and accept these points. And which is not right. For the reason that the perfect Momin faithful is the empyrean of Allah. It is surprised in this matter that they are pride in their idol worshipping. So believe it well in this matter.

Full text of “Israr e Haqiqi by Moinuddin Chishti”

In fact, all things are same. They are proud on israrr matter. Umar the example of the prophets is like that of doctors. Umar and from such phrase they are unware of it about its lane of reality. Also while performing such Hajj pilgrimage there is the purpose in this matter is that the man should destroy his personality and Kudi ego as such that haqiqii should not be remaining any particle of his personality.


So what will be the value of their prayer for this reason? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Hadrat Bakhtiar Kaki 2. Dil Darya Samandar Read more.

Umar the prophets and holy people always used to be engaged in the invocation of Khafi hidden. Guftagu 10 Read more. Return to Book Page. Guftagu 5 Read more.