The ISO Central Secretariat accepts no liability in this area. International Standard ISO was prepared by the European Committee for. Buy KS B ISO Mechanical vibration — Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration — Part 2: Practical guidance. ISO MECHANICAL VIBRATION – MEASUREMENT AND EVALUATION OF HUMAN EXPOSURE TO HAND-TRANSMITTED VIBRATION – PART 2.

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This Indian Standard has been developed from Doc: Attention is particularly isl to the following: The locations shown in Table A. Various techniques may be used, for example: NOTE 1 In the case of exposing the worker to multiple single shocks or transient vibration e. Where such evaluations are carried out, evaluation of actual daily vibration exposure should also be made and reported. The mechanical filter should not alter the frequency response characteristics of the measurement 53349-2 in the frequency range of interest, i.

Key Terminology Vibration Emissions—The vibration produced by machinery and 53492- and often relating to the quality of the product Vibration Exposure—The effect of machine and tool vibration on the user; the impact on the operator using the tool. Due to technical changes in ISO Standard, this standard also revised iao two parts. However, it does not account for the vibration transmission properties of the resilient coating. Whichever method is used for vibration measurement, the total exposure time per day has to be found.

Mechanical filters may also be useful in 3549-2 the influence of unwanted high-frequency vibration on the accelerometer, preventing signal-processing overloads caused by lso acceleration signals or allowing more sensitive accelerometers to be used than would be possible without the mechanical filter.

In this case 534-92 is appropriate to use different methods of evaluation for each task. In this case measurements may be made during simulated work operations which artificially arrange longer uninterrupted exposures with work conditions as near to normal as possible. In this 53349-2 the typical daily vibration exposure estimate.


If DC-sfiift has occurred, it is detected by examining the low-frequenCy components of the vibration signal. In particular at the connection to the acceierometer, great care should be taken to ensure that the cable and connector will not be subjected to undue stresses as the power tool or hand-held workpiece is operated. Once hardened, an accelerometer can be fitted into the adaptor, which then fits comfortably between the work surface ido the hand.

The use isi soft setting glues or wax is not recommended because of the poor coupling through such adhesives, which often result in a poor frequency response.

In the case, of power tools without damping systems it is sufficient to make emission measurenients in a direction parallel with tiie percussive direction or the drill bit axis. However, when measuring on percussive or roto-percussive power tools, or in case of doubt, a mechanical filter fitted between the transducer and the vibration source is recommended.

Some analogue and some digital recording systems use data compression techniques to minimize the space taken by the data; these techniques should be avoided, unless it can be shown that such systems do not lose signal information. No part of these publications may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission in writing of BIS. In this case the impact wrench is held by the operator for at least 20 s, therefore a fixed-duration measurement of 20 s has been used for measurements of tightening five wheel nuts, see Izo E.

In addition uncertainty of the overall evaluation of vibration exposure will be affected by changes which occur in the course of any working day, such as – changes in the condition of power tool and inserted tool e.

However, the DC-shift distortion will affect the entire vibration spectrum.

The workers engaged in cleaning had the longest daily exposure duration to vibration, and the effective value of 8-hour energy-equivalent frequency-weighted acceleration for them[A 8 ] was 8. Digital systems offer better dynamic range characteristics, although care still needs to be taken to ensure best use of the available range.


Where single-axis measurements are to be used, the single axis shall be the dominant axis. In such cases it is often difficult to make an evaluation of actual exposure times, although the number of bursts of vibration per day can be estimated.

The experimenter should determine the main sources e. The tool operator normally uses the impact wrench for five wheel nuts, then puts the power tool down, while repositioning to the next wheel.

Hand-held mounting systems rely in the operator’s grip force to hold the mounting system in place; although, it often is 53499-2 to lightly hold the adaptor in position on the vibrating surface using elastic adhesive tape. Vibration measurements may be made using simple, single-unit vibration meters, featuring built-in frequency weightings and integrating facilities.

An Introduction to Hand/Arm Vibration – National Instruments

Understanding Hand-Arm Vibration Hand-Arm Vibration is defined as the vibration workers experience when using tools such as chain saws, jackhammers, grinders, drills, etc. However, much of 534-2 energy is at frequencies well outside the frequency range used in this part of ISO At a work rate of castings per day, the total daily exposure time is then min, i.

Measurements of very short duration e. Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration General requirements.

However, there are some situations where triaxial measurement may not be possible or necessary.

An Introduction to Hand/Arm Vibration

For straight control-handle power tools, the transducer shall be located so as to measure the acceleration on the 534-92 tool surface in a tangential direction relative to the. For further guidance, see ISO This part of ISO provides a means to determine the relevant operations which should be taken into account when determining the vibration exposure.

Drills and impact drills.