Write Up / Reviews This book articulates our Tariqah in the light of the Qur’an and the Prophetic tradition in simple language and easy thought for the. Ismaili Tariqah: An Introduction. Front Cover. Kamaluddin Ali Muhammad, Zūlfaqār ʻAlī Jaisānī Bibliographic information. QR code for Ismaili Tariqah. Its overall aim is to educate young Ismailis in the faith, ethics, history and and learning resources which include activity books, posters and picture cards.

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Soon a powerful group of God-intoxicated Sufis mystics revolted against the dry discussions of the theologians. If the Shariah is obligatory for all people without exception, the taiqah path, the tariqah does not make the same claim.

They declared that the shariah of the doctors of the law is the beginning not the end. Kul Husayan writes, “The Shariah is in the tongue, the Tariqah in the soul” cf.

Rabbani writes in Islamic Sufism Lahore,p. The route of tariqah or its following is more difficult than other path. The word tariqah pl. Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin.


A Project of the Heritage Society. They claimed that the tariqah alone helps man to overcome his inner disease. Guests are not required to login during this beta-testing phase. Salmon suggests in his Arabic Dictionary p, the derivation of tariqah from taraqa meaning a string of camels following a difficult tract to a well. NET – Heritage F. Bektashi SairleriIstanbul,p.


Muhsin Fayd Kashani d. In fact, the main concern of the Sufis was the inner life of man.

Ismaili Tariqah: An Introduction – Kamaluddin Ali Muhammad, Zūlfaqār ʻAlī Jaisānī – Google Books

It is an esoteric and spiritual tariqah of Islam. It is thus simply meant the way, path or roadas it is said in Arabic qatah atariq means he interpreted the roadand howalla tariqatah means he is following his own way.

In the outward aspect of Islam, the emphasis is on the observance of law, in the inward aspect the emphasis is on seeking the Truth. Firstly, it is full of “open” verses which every believer can and indeed must apply to himself or herself, but which may none the less be said to apply pre-eminently to the Sufis” What is SufismLondon,p.

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Masudul Hasan also writes in History of Islam Lahore,1: Contact us – Sitemap. The adherents of Islamic Shariah are known as ashab-i zahiri and the followers of the Tariqah are known as ashab-i ilm-i batin.


The theologians turned the shariah into formalistic ritualism. The new term became so popular that the distinguished divines started using it for spiritual attainment and the shariah became a system concerned with appearance alone”. The tariqah is not only internal perception of the hidden meaning of tarkqah law, it also purports to be a total discipline aimed towards the progressive purification of the soul. By purifying his soul the believer can attain a stage where he enjoys the divine bliss.

The Sufis introduced a new term tariqahwhich denotes rariqah way leading to union with the Truth.

The outer aspect is called Shariat and the inner Tariqat” Prof. It achieves this double aspect in different ways. That is to say it is only for those who are predisposed and called to set out on the great adventure, which is the quest for the Divine.