The story of a poor girl who lived the life of a slave in Pre-abolitionist Brazil baby daughters Isaura, crowds of fans flocked to meet the couple Lucelia Santos . This melodrama focuses on the conflict between the beautiful light-skinned slave woman Isaura (Bianca Rinaldi, originally, Lucelia Santos) and her cruel. ISAURA THE SLAVE GIRL. likes. Fictional Character.

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This is where the beautiful and unhappy Isaura was born under what sad auspices. Far, nature was still in all its primitive and savage roughness; But near t Was this review helpful?

Later Malvina discovers Tobias in the mill and frees him, but before they could exit the mill, Leoncio and Francisco — who believe it’s Isaura in the mill with Tobias — close the doors and set the mill on fire.

A Escrava Isaura ( TV series) – Wikiwand

Lucelio Santos, in my view, practically made Globo TV the power house it is today, with her amazing performance on this series. What’s on his Watchlist?

This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat Telemundo and still remember the story line like it was yesterday! Not so in this one.

Isaura remains a slave because she is a slave’s daughter—and freedom always seems to be just beyond her reach. Rosa tries to poison Isaura but accidentally drinks the poisoned drink herself. Naturally there are other characters in the story that are remarkable, such as Leoncio’s doomed but benevolent wife Malvina; Isaura’s eventual savior and boyfriend Alvaro the real hero ; Leoncio’s father Gobernador Almeida, who at first hates Isaura but then has a change of heart and wants to help save her from his own son; and of course Isaura herself, the strong willed, religious slave girl, played superbly by Lucelia Santos.


However, when one of the televisions re-released the series twenty years later, a few people got interested to see what is so special about the story that absorbed the society in the s. Dona Ester raised her as her own daughter, she is educated and beautiful but very modest.

However, as if to compensate her for such misfortune, a holy woman, an angel of goodness, bowed over the slafe of the poor child and came to shelter her in the shadow of her charitable wings.

I have never been a big fan of soap operas, especially when I was a teenager.

A Escrava Isaura ( TV series) – Wikipedia

He excoriated with reproach and threats the good and faithful factor, and subjected the half-breed to such rude work and so cruel treatment, that soon it precipitated it in the tomb, before it could finish creating its tender and mimosa small daughter. According to a research conducted by Good Morning Americait is the most dubbed program in the history of world television. Malvina doesn’t know how evil Leoncio is, and she marries him. Edit Cast Series cast izaura Leoncio, pretending to be in mourning, goes on a travel, but not before condemning Isaura to regular slave work, in spite of the fact that his friends, including Malvina’s brother Enrique, all believe he set her free.

Henrique Fontoura 3 episodes, Beatriz Lyra Nevertheless, boring and dated as it may seem, isaurz “once” phenomenon cannot be denied North American soap’s go on forever and depending on the writers and characters you never know where the story begins or if it will ever end!

Written usaura lukejoplin infolink.

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When Juliana, Isaura’s mother Valquiria Ribeirodies shortly after giving birth, Slace Norma Blumthe commander’s wife, treats the child as her own daughter, giving her an education and fine manners. Such is the case with ‘Escrava Isaura’. Where it differs from most other works of this genre, is that in isaurx others, the main rich male character mends his ways because of his love for his princess and isura a long struggle, they get married and live happily ever after.


Start your free trial. A true classic in every sense of the word. Retrieved March 14, After seeing the fragments of the soap opera, I came into conclusion that there are three aspects that might have made the series so popular: At the beginning of the story Leoncio, the Comendador’s son arrives home from Paris where he attended university but did not acquire a degree as he was more interested in debauchery.

The difficulties faced by a young, sweet-hearted white slave targeted by the obsession of her lord in the Brazilian colonial time period. A running joke was that Tefta Cami, the minister of public instruction, went to the national TV station to see the last part of the series, in order to see it before the others.

Also, Miguel, the overseer at Tobias’s plantation confesses to Isaura that he is her isahra. The feminine cast was attractive and remarkable Norma Blum,Beatriz Lyra. TV Shows isakra my childhood.