Modifications in the updated Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS) for Community Health Centre (CHC) document. (Major changes have been highlighted in. The IPHS is based on its recommendation. 4. Who will it be applicable to? At present these standards are being applied only to the Community Health Centres . Family Welfare and National Health Programmes – Role of CHCs.. 7 The Community Health Centre (CHC), the third tier of the network of rural health care.

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fir The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. These centers are supposed to have health manpower, infrastructure, and service delivery as per the Indian public health standards IPHS guidelines Training of all cadres of worker at periodic intervals is an essential component. A study of health centers in Saudi Arabia.

Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. Residential Zone – Minimum 8 quarters for Doctors.

Handling of emergencies like intestinal obstruction, haemorrhage etc. To facilitate monitoring and supervision of these facilities. Blood bank staff Physical Infrastructure: During transportation – cold boxes surrounded by the ice packs clean.

A cross-sectional study was conducted in seven CHCs and 12 PHCs, randomly selected from eight blocks of Shimla District and evaluated in terms of health manpower, infrastructure, and services from September to August National Rural Health Mission Lab – necessary reagents, glass ware and facilities for collecting and transport of samples should be made available.


The health planners in India have visualized primary health centers PHCs and community health centers CHCs as the key healthcare delivery institutions in rural areas. National rural health mission β€” Hope or disappointment?

Bed strength β€” 30 Objective of the Institutions. Collection and reporting of vital events. Separate for males and females Essential Infrastructure: Adolescent Health Care 3.

Services to be Provided in a Sub-Centre Sub-centres are expected to provide promotive, preventive and few curative primary health care chx. How to cite this article: Concerns about targeted sterilisation, retreat of the state and privatisation. Physical Infrastructure Location of the centre: Physical Infrastructure Location of the Centre: Need of training for health professionals on national rural health mission.

Indian public health standards (IPHS) for community health centres.

Pre-operative and Post-operative recovery room Staff area: Environment Friendly Features The SC should be, as far as possible, environment friendly and energy efficient. Serviceability and availability of equipment and drugs in ambulance shall be checked on daily basis. Upgradation to handle higher patient load, emphasis given to quality aspects to increase the level of patient satisfaction. The district hospitals cater to the people living in urban district headquarters town and adjoining areas and the rural people in the district.

In other words, formulate appropriate guidelines for providing some functional and financial autonomy e.

If the utilization goes up, the standards would be further upgraded. Maintain sterility of blood by keeping all storage areas clean. Normal Delivery Kit Kit-J: There are district hospitals in districts of the country as per NRHM data Presentation Description No description available.


Multi-skill training for paramedical workers Quality Assurance in Service delivery: For ophthalmic equipment wherever the services are available Equipment required under various National Health programmes Blood storage Facilities Cold chain equipment -under Immunization Programme 2 Refrigerators, one for the ward and one for OT should be available in the CHC. Water Supply β€”to supply 10, litres of potable water per day except fire fighting. PHC shall have proper boundary wall and gate.

The 6th Five year Plan proposed reorganization of PHCs on the basis of one PHC for every 30, rural populations in the plains and one PHC for every 20, population in hilly, tribal and desert areas for more effective coverage.

None, Conflict of Interest: As per National guidelines applicable to 30 bed CHCs or may be outsourced to agencies trained in this.

Indian public health standards (IPHS) for community health centres.

Designate one of the existing doctor and technician. Transport Facilities PowerPoint Presentation: Based on the above minimum requirements, the standards need to be developed by a professional body.

In order to ensure quality of services and patient satisfaction, it is essential to encourage community participation. Type B Sub-centre should have, about 4 to 5 rooms with facilities of: You do not have the permission to view this presentation.