IP 15 Research report-Dispersion modelling and calculations in support of EI Model code of safe practice Part Area classification code for. Hi I am urgent need of a PDF copy of the above file, can anyne help? Thanks. Institute Of Petroleum Ip15 Area Classification Code For Petroleum Ins – posted in Safety and Chemical Processing Incidents: HiDoes anyone.

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Pumps with packed glands are not recommended for category A or B fluids, and are not normally used for Category C fluids. Deletion of IP 15 afea. Hi I am urgent need of a PDF copy of the above file, can anyne help? The remaining area within the module can be considered as Zone 2. On shale shakers, there classfication be significant gas release from associated gas which could be the major factor in estimating the air rate required. The hazard radius shall be 15 m for heavier than air gases, or 5 m for lighter than air gases.

The use of this method is especially helpful in the early stages of design when the location of equipment features is unknown.

IP15 hazardous area classification guidelines – OGnition

Examples are valves in molecular sieve or pressure swing adsorption processes. For such cases it is reasonable to expect the valve stem will be more prone to leakage than infrequently-used block valves that remain open or closed during normal operation. Then you will sort of be breaking copyright law!

The effect of a primary grade source in an enclosed area is considered in Table 6. The horizontal extent should cover the total area of the island and should extend at least 2 m from the loading arm in the parked position. Any exception to this shall be subject to approval by BP.


Institute Of Petroleum Ip15 Area Classification Code For Petroleum Ins

The volume within the tank shell above the mud shall be Zone 1 for adequately and inadequately enclosed areas and for sheltered areas. For tanks of diameter 10m or less, clzssification distance may be reduced to 7.

Depending on the Project organisation, it may be necessary for both Contractor and BP to appoint a responsible person. To reduce the extent of the Hazardous Area from tanks located within a module, a local artificial ventilation extraction system should be used.

Where fluids in more than one category are present, then the most volatile of the fluids present classificatikn be used as the basis for estimating the extent of the Hazardous Area, i. Shale shakers are also often fitted with local extraction ventilation.

The following sentence shall be cde For adequate ventilation, the ventilation air may be drawn from an area classified as Zone 2 or non hazardous. For pumps in unmanned areas to be considered as having enhanced integrity, there must be sufficient time for operator attendance and action to shut down the pump after warning of main seal failure. Overpressure protection as a cdoe of local artificial ventilation can also be applied direct to the enclosed casing of electrical apparatus in which there is an ignition potential see BS Part 5.

On a Project, it could be the Project or Engineering Manager depending on the size. Equipment in the enclosure will, by definition, be suitable for use in Zone 2 and therefore suitable for short term use in a flammable atmosphere. Many additives or corrosion inhibitors used in process classivication are dissolved in a petroleum based fluid, often in the kerosine or gas oil boiling range.


With a Contractor involved, the initial work will normally be carried out by the Contractor, preferably with BP involvement as the classification is developed. However, at the operating conditions of a typical degasser, not all of the dissolved hydrocarbon will be removed.

Both pressurisation and continuous dilution permit electrical apparatus of these categories to be installed in hazardous areas where other types of protection are impracticable or uneconomic.

The information contained in this document is subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement or contract under which the document was supplied to the recipient’s organisation.

Referenced standards may be replaced by equivalent standards that are internationally or otherwise recongnised provided that it can be shown to the satisfaction of the purchaser’s professional engineer that they meet or exceed the requirements of the referenced standards.

A sheltered area containing shale shakers should be classified as Zone 2.

Area Classification to IP 15 (BP) () (RP )_百度文库

Otherwise, a pump should be regarded as a single point source for the purposes of determining the hazard radius see Table 5. For the purposes of area classification there is no general requirement to classify as hazardous high flash point liquids handled below the flash point.

On typical open-air plant built to BP Group Recommended Practice, it is possible to simplify the classification procedure because the design features which control the boundaries are standardised. Amendment to IP 15 Figure 3.