Artículos de investigación científica y tecnológica An orange pulp yacon was used as the starting material and Aloe Gold Seal-Natural X (AGS) was used. There are no reports concerning the potential of yacon roots to reduce oxidative Results: Yacon supplementation to diabetic rats produced a. Context: Smallanthus sonchifolius (Poepp. and Endl.) H. Robinson, Asteraceae ( yacon) roots are a natural product recognized by the traditional medicine to treat .

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Proximate analysis gave results of: The width W in centimeters was measured perpendicular to the midrib, obtained from one end to the other, where the highest value was considered, both measurements used centimeters cm as unity Figure 1. Journal of Chromatography A, v. In that regard, [ 30 ] found a similar increase for samples of apple, melon, papaya, and peach.

The substitution with the Aloe vera solution rich in carbohydrates of the yacon pores typical of the gel of the parenchymatous tissue of Aloe vera also contributes to the carbohydrate content of the final product; according to the literature, monosaccharides and polysaccharides such as glucomannan are present in Aloe vera.

Raiz tuberosa de yacon Smallanthus sonchifolius: Acessado em 18 de junho de It is worth adding that the impregnated sample was not unpleasant for the evaluator, as expressed in the comments on the sensory evaluation chart used.

Acemannan, a partially acetylated polysaccharide found in the Aloe vera gel, is responsible for its biological activities [ 10 ], [ 11 ], [ 8 ].

A surface response methodology was use to evaluate the product optimization. Volumetric fraction; mass fraction; impregnation solution; physiologically active components; porous structures. The Aloe vera gel contains mainly composed of polysaccharides. Raiz tuberosa de yacon Smallanthus sonchifolius: Since the world’s population is searching for healthy eating habits, the consumption of natural, hypo caloric and gluten-free foods has been increasing.


This fact justifies that more studies are necessary on the growing and development of this species. Thus, the authors decided to compare these models, choosing among them the best one, statistically.

Length C ; B: An increase in solids gain can be observed up to a relaxation time of 30 min, after which the values of solids gained are roughly constant [ 30 ].

The recent exploration of yacon demands scientific information for improving the crop production technology. Objective evaluation of color was carried out on the basis of changes to luminance Lit being noted that the highest value obtained after the impregnation process is How to cite this article.

According to the data obtained, it is worth noting the low moisture content September 26 th Color is a highly important characteristic in the physical assessment of the quality of foods and can have a negative effect on the presentation of the product. Thus, to be simpler and show only the product between the variables length – L and width – Wlower SE, higher R a 2significant parameters of regression and a normal distribution pattern of residuals, the model chosen was: In foods processing, this aim is achieved by developing actions and processes that allow the enrichment of vegetable products with desirable compounds.

Journal of Obesity

However, six linear models are presented, considering that these models best satisfied the pre-established statistics. The development of the mass was recorded at the beginning and end of ceintificas process in order to calculate the volume fraction X. Those authors put forward the hypothesis that 30 min is the time necessary to reach a situation of equilibrium, after which no difference in solids gain is to be observed.

How to cite this article. What stands out is the high carbohydrate content of yacon.

Yacon: health benefits and technological applications

Materials and methods 2. In this context, yacon or “diet potato” has attracted commercial interest in the world due to its promising effects on health and has been sobte up in the market. Brazilian Journal of Food Technology, v. Density of the solution: Yacon is its mainly characterized by being rich in fructans and phenolic acids, with prebiotic and antioxidant effects, respectively.


Yacon is a tuber from northern and central Andean region of South America. Caffeic acid derivatives in the roots of yacon Smallanthus sonchifolius. Journal of Ethnopharmacol, v.

The sensory evaluation of the 10 semi-trained panel members showed that the p-value for color was 0. Yacon effects in immune response and nutritional status of iron and zinc in preschool children. invvestigaciones

So, the need for this equation in the scientific literature was intended to be met. Effect of the process on luminance L Color is a highly important characteristic in the physical assessment of the quality of foods and can have a negative effect on the presentation of the product.

The annual average temperature is The soil was submitted to chemical analysis, presenting the following characteristics in the cm layer: The results we obtained made it possible to quantify the amount of Aloe incorporated: Response Surface Methodology RSM allowed the optimization of mass fraction and volume fraction at a pressure of The d value is calculated using the following equation:. In those figures, the tendency for solute gains in the fruit as a function of time and vacuum pressure can be observed.

LA LWlogarithm Table 1having as estimator: The only organic acid contained in the gel of fresh Aloe leaf is malic acid. The conclusion was that these fruits suffer high levels of deformation when they are subjected to VI treatments in particular operative conditions.