View and Download Intermec CK30 user manual online. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download. View and Download Intermec CK30 quick start manual online. Oracle-Ready. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download. View and Download Intermec CK30 user manual online. Handheld Computer. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download.

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The color scheme is set up as follows. This guide provides you with information about the TE ap- plication, and how to install, configure, operate, maintain, and trouble- shoot the application.

When you start the contrast test, the screen gradually gets darker until it is almost black and then it goes to the lightest setting which is almost white. Date and time settings are not saved through a cold boot. Appendix C — Reprogrammable Keypad 4 Select the modifier or function keys that you want to press before you access Read and follow all warningsand cautions in this document before handling and operatingIntermec equipment.

The Sound Test can also help you choose a beeper volume and frequency that you can hear in your working environment. Appendix C — Reprogrammable Keypad For example if one. Introducing The Ck30 Handheld Computer Temperature and Humidity Specifications Operating temperature: Chapter 1 — Using the CK30 Handheld ComputerUnderstanding the Status LightsThe status lights on the CK30 turn on to indicate the status ofthe battery, a successful decode of a bar code, or a user-definedfunction.


To delete a file 1 Navigate to the folder containing the file you want to delete. Page Index protective boot, AG2 accessory, bar codes to configure the CK30, 34 protective case, AG1 accessory, laser scanner, 21 PSC Utility, diagnostics screen, 92 screen PSK, using to convert Trakker Antares cleaning, applications, 59 specifications, understanding icons, Don’t show me this message again.

The holster and belt provide an easy way for you to carry the CK30 while not using it. Security Information Security Information Use the Security Information diagnostic to troubleshoot security authentication. Make sure you scanthe entire label. Launching Your Application Automatically Kc30 How Applications Load on the CK30 If you have several processes that you need to have run in a specific order as the CK30 turns on, you can use the AutoRun system to customize the way applications load.

Intermec CK30 User Manual pages. The following table lists columns in which characters must appear. Closing an Application You can use the Task Manager to close an application at any time. A scale is one example of a use for this command.

Intermec CK30 Quick Start Manual

Attaching a Tethered ScannerYou can use a tethered scanner with the CK30 if you ordered itwith a pin tethered scanner port in place of the integratedscanner. S Resets to 0 the MDT bit for each intermwc field. Do This to Save Battery Power: Chapter 4 — Managing the CK30 The following dialog box appears: Page System Main Menu, 96 accessing, 90 settings, restoring default, 37 intermc the password, 97 Setup Assistant, using to configure CK30, exiting, 90 removing password, 98 site survey, using Radio Information to setting a password to protect, Contact your Intermec representative to get this file, then install this file in your Series Computer.


The CK30 indicates that it is not Make sure that: A zero bit consists of a narrow bar followed by a wide space, while a one bit consists of a wide bar followed by a narrow space.

Characters on the Keyboards The special characters and functions mznual above the keys are color- coded to correspond with the matching shift keys. Using The Mouse Pointer Alpha key is enabled locked. These extended commands are supported on X Terminals only. To close the Diagnostics menu Index Bluetooth charging dock commands, described, 54 C3k0, 4-slot, battery, configuring, 53 AC2, 4-bay, battery, Console, diagnostics tool, Page of Go.

Contact your Intermec representative for more information about ID numbers.

Intermec CK30 User Manual – Page 1 of |

The following table describes the line and columns where characters must appear, and their meanings. The frequency is set to Hz.

Disabling Security 9 Exit the Configuration Utility.