The constitution is the supreme law of the country and all other laws are subordinate to it. Any laws inconsistent with the constitution are declared void to the. Jan 15, Interim Constitution of Nepal (), which has been made through a political understanding and to be in force until a new constitution is. Apr 10, The Interim Constitution as published here includes the changes made by the five amending Acts –the Interim Constitution of Nepal (First.

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There shall be required numbers of Committees and Sub-Committees in the Constituent Assembly as provisioned by the law. The political objective of the State shall be to institutionalize democracy achieved through the struggle of Nepali people, create an atmosphere wherein its benefits could be used, and build a progressing intfrim prosperous Nepal.

Constitution of Nepal

The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly will sit on the twenty first day after the final results of the election of members of the Constituent Assembly is constitutiom public by the election commission and the meeting thereafter as summoned by the Prime Minister will sit on the prescribed date and place by the person chairing the Constituent Assembly.

There will be bahuns in the commercial and govenment sector like anything. If that is the case, then we are not ready bepal.

The Secretariat of the Constituent Assembly and its employees shall also be the Secretariat and employees of the legislatives. The expenditure amount as per the Appropriation Act shall be specified under appropriate heads and recorded in the Appropriation Bill. The State shall pursue the policy of encouraging maximum participation of women in national development by providing special provisions for their education, health and employment.

One thing I believe is that not all Nepalese need to become political leaders to make the system to work for them. If any question arises whether a Bill is a Finance Bill or not, the decision of the Speaker of the Legislative-Parliament shall be final. We allow muslims to build mosques and christians to teach our children in schools. Then there would be quite a celebrations, dancing like the girl in next blog! Women, labourers, elder citizen, disabled and vulnerable and helpless shall have the right to employment in accordance with the provision made by the law.

Notwithstanding anything contained neal in this part, if a situation of local or national emergency arises due to natural cause, external aggression threat, internal disturbances or other reasons and the specified details as required under the Article 92 may be impractical or inexpedient in view of the security or interest of the State, then the Finance Minister can present a Credit Expenditure Bill that contains only expenditure details before the Legislative-Parliament.


If there can not be a unanimous decision in the Preamble or any Articles of the Constitution Bill as prescribed in Sub- clause 2xonstitution political leaders representing the parliamentary legislature interkm shall carry out mutual consultations to develop a consensus in the said subject matter.

Needless to say, the gist of the Interim Constitution of Nepal,appears to be progressive. The State shall mobilize required resources for the implementation of the principles and policies listed in this section. Miss, Nepal needs desperately the institutionalizations constitutin the Democractic logistics to establish rule of law, electoral process of governance, restructuring of nation under the principles and norms of federalism and so on. I am sure you still believe that all gods of Hindu are real ones.

It seems you do not know the core philosophy of your own religion.

Highlights: Interim Constitution of Nepal 2063

This would really be a bias on the part of a person whose ancesters have sacrificed their blood in the unification of the country. The Prime Minister can, on the recommendation of the concerned political party, appoint the Minister of State from amongst the members of Legislative-Parliament.

Nanda Bahadur Pun Executive: The key questions are: The international relations of the State shall be directed towards enhancing the dignity of the nation in the international arena by maintaining the sovereignty, integrity and independence of the country.

neppal Amount charged on the Consolidated Fund, Expenditure amount under Appropriation Act, Expenditure amount under the Act in the form of Advance when an Appropriation Bill is under consideration, or Expenditure amount incurred in extraordinary circumstances under a Vote of Credit Act.

While carrying out voting as prescribed in Sub- clause 5 and also if an unanimous decision cannot be reached as prescribed in Sub- clause 2then there shall be re-voting for such a Preamble or Article for which a unanimous decision could not be reached and in such voting, with at least two thirds of the Constituent Assembly members attending, it should be passed with at least a two thirds majority after which such a Preamble or Section shall be considered to have passed, For the purpose of this Article, while carrying out voting for such a Preamble or Article of the Constitution Bill tabled in the Constituent Assembly, if any member does not vote against the Preamble or any Article then it is considered to have a unanimous decision, Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly: The social objective of the State shall be to establish and develop a healthy social life based on the foundation of justice and morality, by eliminating all types of economic and social inequality and establishing harmony amongst the diverse castes ethnic groups, religions, languages, races, communities and groups.


Helpless, orphan, mentally challenged, conflict victims, displaced and street kids at risk shall have the right 263 get special provision from the state for their secured future. The boarder neepal be the red and the base color blue.

Languages used in such manner shall be translated in the official language of the state for record. This text strengthened the authority of the king, and introduced relevant reforms such as the creation of the Supreme Court and the inclusion of fundamental rights and socio-economic goals to be pursued by the state.

The bahuns will rule this country and all the other problems like u and me will be swept under the carpet by the bahuns.

All citizens shall have the right to live in clean environment. Go to Part External Source: The amount of the expenditures so met shall be reimbursed as soon as possible through another Act. Notwithstanding anything contained nwpal this part, a portion of the expenditure estimated for the fiscal year may be incurred in advance by an Act when an Appropriation Bill is under consideration. Now you will get scared if you father or brother or brother-in-la or some relatives are CDO or government employee who easily get chief to rule the people of Nepal.

Highlights: Interim Constitution of Nepal | United We Blog!

The Nepali Language in the Devnagari script shall be the official language for Government businesses. The Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Legislative-Parliament cannot be members of the same political party.

The state shall pursue the policy of making special social provision for the protection and progress of single women, orphans, children, the helpless, elderly, disabled, incapacitated persons, and the minority groups. The main characteristics of Interim Constitution of Nepal are as follows source eKantipur.

No person shall be denied the right to equal protection of the laws. Nowhere… It will not be any different this time as well Like Like. constitutiln

Constitution of Nepal – Wikipedia

This is already an indian state without all the facilities of being an indian state. We stand out becasue we are the only Hindu nation in the world and it should be that way. Any minor shall not be employed in factories, mines or for any other hazardous work or shall be used in army, police or in conflicts. The Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, lifted the ban on political parties, described a democratic representative system where the authority of the king imterim curtailed, and enshrined fundamental rights.