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The divine self is the paradisiacal state of unity through which you can only return through becoming one with your complementary half. I know that two eyes are staring at me.

I look about me. Do you feel the irresistible power of attraction that links us elieabeth draws us closer and closer together? How do you expect to be able to return to paradisiacal unity without me?

And from farther and farther away his voice comes back to me — this voice that has made such a deep impression on my heart: The divine self created you and goes on eternally creating you whenever it clothes itself in a material envelope, in a body.

Initierea – The Light Creator

A piece of stone—rigid, hard and dead! Little by little my eyes grow accustomed to the subdued light. Before my horrified eyes, there gradually appears a face, the eerie features of a monster, a silhouette that is only recognizable because where it is there is absolute nothingness—a negative image.


The pleasures of the palate were never a temptation for me. It has helped you resist me. Ptahhotep says our complementary elisabth is always behind the manifested form as a mirrored image in the unmanifested state. No human intiierea can be my complementary half.

The Initiation 1st part – by Elisabeth Haich

As I lie in the sarcophagus, Ptahhotep casts a last glance at me, full of infinite love, and then the two initiefea lift the stone cover and lay it over me. He steps over towards us. In a trice he initiereea into a gigantic, fiery flaming spirit. I am in some kind of an underground cave where great numbers of men and women are lounging about pell-mell on sofas or rocking and careening about, holding each other in tight embraces, dancing together and making extremely odd movements.

But in the hearts of these people I see no love! They talk with each other too, but it seems as if these men and women have forgotten that speech is a spiritual manifestation of man. Absolute panic seizes my heart. They try to persuade me to eat and drink with them. I thank them for their friendly invitation and go on.

These dim, black energies attack the points of light. The book also describes a little of a more recent claimed previous life in which she was a washing-woman, was abandoned by her lover, lost contact with her daughter, and ended up a beggar on the streets.


[PDF] Elisabeth Haich INITIEREA All – Free Download PDF

After the end of World War II indue to the communist regime, they had to close their school and flee to Switzerlandwhere they founded a new yoga school. No one can find his complementary half anywhere except within himself. He no longer has a body.

We can never be identical with each other! As usual, I watch what happens. Through these two baleful eyes, the monster now radiates all his fearful powers upon me and into me. As I try to get away from him, the man suddenly changes.

Elisabeth Haich INITIEREA All

You are spirit and not body! The outside world has ceased to exist for them.

Do you see all these rocks and stones and boulders? And perhaps all these other men and women who are behaving in just as impossible a manner? Only the divine unity of the self can bring blissful happiness!