We’ve been referred to as “The Advocate” (16 Personalities) or “The Counselor” ( Truity), and are among the rarest of Myers-Briggs personality. It’s time to take a break from the usual post and do something different. I’ve had quite a few requests to do a post on love and dating for the INFJ. Jan 8, Explore Purdue CCO’s board “Personality Types” on Pinterest. INFJ ; They all all have very hard time understanding me being the Extrovert.

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I’m sure each hypothesis has its merit, hypothetically. I voted other because I don’t know who my ideal match is yet. Solving the Ifnj Common Mistypes.

They wish for sex to be a communion of the souls, a purdeu bond between them and their mate. But once that bond is established, the INFJ will freely give themselves, heart and mind, to their significant other. It’s pretty comprehensive with lots of sections that other type descriptions lack.

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Your type however determines the order and attitude of these functions. Add Thread to del.

To them, even the word sex might seem crude, and love elevates the relationship to a higher plain. They have to have an interest and they have purdke get excited about something. Skip to main content. INFJs have arguably the greatest capacity of all the types for depth, love, soulfulness, empathy, and have a strong desire to share their rich inner lives with their significant other.


Their significant other will find unconditional love, a gifted listener, and a support system that few other types can give.

MBTI Descriptions from Purdue : mbti

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I honestly wouldn’t recommend a guardian for any INFJs. I want to make positive changes to the world around me, and in order to do that, I must start with myself. You are commenting using your WordPress.

The INFJ: Sex, Dating, and Love | What’s My Type?

You may not vote on this poll. One of my ultimate goals is to help other people and make them happy. It all depends on the individuals, and all of that, but here it goes. The Infn subreddit is here: Current bf isn’t outgoing but this isn’t the most important thing and I can take it or leave it really. I want to make something of myself. CynicallyNaivejayyy and isamanthax thanked this post. You may catch me in a daydream or ifj seeking happiness and broader meaning. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


Note that each 4 letter type has corresponding functions that give a deeper and richer understanding of each type. Some love the intensity of purue ESTP. Thank you all for the responses.

Puedue hang around with extroverts sometimes but I get tired trying to keep pace. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Email required Address never made public.

Enneagram’s subreddit is here: I am brutally honest and authentic. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here St George’s Day had just been and some guy was moaning that we allow the celebration of things like Eid and so on but we don’t inj St George’s Day because that would be “politically incorrect”.

I guess most of those descriptions might have come from a time when those things were considered probable? Want change, direction, growth. A highly-feeling INFJ may not like this, though. I hate asking that stuff.