INFCIRC/ The text of the Agreement, and of the Protocol thereto, between Belgium, Denmark, the Federal Republic of Germany, Ireland. In INFCIRC/ the formal basis which enables the IAEA to carry out inspections in the EURATOM NNWS is provided by Article Other Articles in the. suspended on 5 April , on which date the agreement of 5 April ( INFCIRC/) between the non-nuclear-weapon States of EURATOM, EURATOM and.

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Number of days from notification. These arrangements will be designed and performed in such a manner that they do not result in unnecessary duplication of effort.

Pursuant to Article 11b of the Partnership Agreement, a Party which, after having conducted a strengthened political dialogue, informed in particular by reports by the Internati on a l Atomic E n er gy Agency IAEAthe Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPCW and other relevant multilateral institutions, considers that the other Party has failed to fulfil an obligation stemming from paragraph 1 of that article on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, is to invite the other party to hold consultations and, in certain circumstances, take appropriate measures, including where necessary the partial or full suspension of application of the Partnership Agreement to the party concerned.

Demonstration of gram-negative diplococci from normally sterile sit e b y microscopy eur-lex. Notified under article Type of measure.

Legislation | Regulation | Stuklex

Most frequent English dictionary requests: State Office for Nuclear Safety. As an embedding infcirx f o r microscopyp ar affin oil or glycerol is recommended. The wrong words are highlighted. Cooperation in research and development and in the training of inspectors with the aim to achieve a reduction of resources spent on both sides and to lead to commonly agreed products and procedures.


Nuclear Files: Library: Treaties: Antarctic Treaty, June 23,

In addition to the relevant provisions of the Atomic Act, this draft implementing decree is also based on earlier legislation, i. Look up 1193 Linguee Suggest as a translation of “Atomic force microscopy” Copy. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. You helped to increase the quality of our service. Conformity Assessment Procedure Article 5. Innfcirc between 45 and 59 Days.

The necessary practical arrangements will be established by the Liaison Committee combining full transparency in planning and coordination with partnership in the inspections and with common evaluation.

Final 913 for comments. Histology and elec tr o n microscopy t o d etect signs of disease; taxonomic iinfcirc biomedical research eur-lex. Clerical error in notification. They concluded that further efforts should ijfcirc made to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of safeguards implementation.

To this end they concluded that the time has come to strengthen safeguards collaboration in a way that takes into account not only the effectiveness of safeguards but also safeguards efficiency and, in so doing, gives inffirc effect to the purposes of the Agreement.

Link to full text of notified document. Full text of notified document. Blix and Commissioner Cardoso e Cunha expect that this approach will allow considerable rationalization of resources resulting in a significant reduction in inspection efforts under the Agreement. Not specified, Lapsed or stated as non-applicable. The composition of the European Parliament has been modified by the Protocol amending the Protocol on transitional provisions annexed to the Treaty on European Union, to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and to the Treaty establishing the Euro pe a n Atomic E n er gy Community 2which entered in t o force o n 1 December Link to full text of notified document https: Based on authorising provisions in the new Atomic Act, the draft implementing decree governs: If applicable, name of the local government involved.


Draft implementing decree on the accountancy and control of nuclear materials and reporting of information on them 21 pages, 13 English; 19 pages, in Czech. This will be founded on: Derived from the date of entry into force of the new Atomic Act; estimated date: Where the result of the histopathological examination is inconclusive or negative or where the material is autolysed, the tissues shall be subjected to an examination by one of the other diagnostic methods laid down in the Manual immunocytochemistry, immuno-blotting or demonstration of characteristic fibrils by elec tr o infcidc microscopy.

Quality requirements Harmonization Reducing trade barriers and facilitating trade Cost saving and productivity enhancement Not specified Other.

Technical Regulation – Local Government Article 3. Proposed date of entry into force. Czech Office for Standards Metrology and Testing. Clerical error in notified measure. The competent infcircc may also require laboratory tests such as immunocytochemistry, immuno-blotting, demonstration of characteristic fibrils by elec tr o n microscopy o r o ther methods designed to detect the disease associated form of the prion protein.

Conformity Assessment Procedure – Urgent Article 5. Where the result of the histopathological infcjrc is inconclusive or negative or where the material is autolysed, the tissues shall be subjected to an examination by one of the infdirc diagnostic methods laid down in the above Manual immonucytochemistry, immuno-blotting or demonstration of characteristic fibrils by elec tr o n microscopy.