Sixteen-year-old Mary Shelley Black lives up to her striking name—she’s a curious girl fascinated by science, living in , “a year the devil. Read Common Sense Media’s In the Shadow of Blackbirds review, age rating, and First-time author Cat Winters successfully creates a creepy, gruesome. In , “a year the devil designed,” the U.S is engaged in a terrifying new type of warfare abroad while its citizens back home are ravaged by the Spanish flu.

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In the Shadow of Blackbirds

Mary Shelley Black yes, named after the author is a budding scientist in a man’s world – the author manages to subtly weave a few gender equality struggles into the story without letting it overtake the main plot focus “why can’t a girl be smart without it being explained away as a rare supernatural phenomenon?

Do they bring you wintwrs the story or the mood, or do they get in the way? This iin is just as full of anxiety and fear as Portland, the toll from war and disease sending her families grasping at anything to alleviate their pain.

It is the scars of the battlefield and the scars of the mind combined, and Winters presents the two in such a way that I was unsure where one ended and the other began. Mary Shelley is literally surrounded by death and everyone around her is obsessed with spiritualism and contacting their recently dead family members.

In The Shadow Of Blackbirds by Cat Winters – review

More summaries and resources for teaching or studying In the Shadow of Blackbirds. To be honest, I think the World Wars were pretty pointless. Although she’s not my favorite, she is certainly admirable in her own ways.

Cat Winters, where have you been all my life? Another siren screamed by. No trivia or quizzes yet. The strong female main character has a knack for science and determines to use it to solve the mystery. People cover their faces with masks and peer anxiously at those standing next to them, checking for the first signs of illness. I can assure you that I will certainly be reading more of Ms. This begins to change her perception about the spirit world.


Sadow is the kind of book that will stay with me. I loved that this book was well researched and it brought forth the crippling fear of the Spanish Flu as it swept through and killed thousands of cah in the fall of Jul 02, Richard Denney rated it liked it. They determine to carry on as the strong women they are. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Along with hair-raising scenes that range from cryptic to horrific, the book includes several grim photographs that make its eeriness even moreso.

There was another reason, though. The love between Mary and Stephen was so touching and quite shocking in its fervency. Vyolet Courtney Its phenomenal.

In the Shadow of Blackbirds Book Review

In the Shadow of Blackbirds does not disappoint. Great Girl Role Models. This book has one of the best female main characters ever.

Yet, along with seeing her weak moments, she gets up time again to prove how strong in spirit she is, how she hates the flue masks she sees everywhere, the fear of of not being “too” patriotic American, balckbirds hates the fear she sees in everyone. Open Preview See a Problem?

The story centers on the year when the Spanish influenza has swept through cities and World War I is ongoing. The whole story is just surrounded in a sense of dread. There was a problem adding your email address.

Every single person was scared of the flu, of the war, especially her aunt. Let’s get on with the actual review, shall we? And don’t even mention the flu that was spreading – it only made those wonderings darker, and it made me feel heavier as well. Just to be clear, I don’t have problems with the onions, I just couldn’t relate to it.


This has really been my year for sub-par book choices as I have never had this many 2 star ratings but then again its sometimes nice to read out of your comfort zone or try books none of your GR friends have read yet. Stephen had not died in battle in Europe but had come home suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. Sixteen-year-old Mary Shelley Black has seen these evils up close: View all 10 comments.

This is a time when people get suspicious about one another just because of their names. But that is my one and only complaint. Until one day his unrestful ghost appears to her asking for peace and help. I am not sure. I felt like the pacing in the first few chapters was a tad bit too slow.

I am one of those readers that blacbkirds to know all the details. And it couldn’t be the United States of America, ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave. War is never like the history books portray it.

In this book, however, he is supposed to have died in war by the time we finally meet him. Obviously I read syadow lot of books about both World Wars because literature is really prolific about them in France. Most of the people were desperate enough to believe in them.