alone, the IMO MODU Code alone, or a combination of these regulations. sections of the ABS MODU Rules, the IMO MODU Code and. CFR Section(s). Standards Body: e. IMO Resolution A Code for the Construction and. Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units. (MODU Code). 46 CFR. Online Shop | IMO Publications | Marine Technology | MODU Code, Consolidated Free UK delivery on MODU Code, Consolidated Edition.

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The radar transponders should either be stowed in locations from which they can be rapidly mdu in any survival craft other than the liferaft or liferafts required by The width of the line should be 1 m.

1989 MODU Code (2001 Edition)

Fire dampers are not required, however, where ducts pass through spaces surrounded by “A” class divisions, without serving moduu spaces, provided moodu ducts have the same fire integrity as the divisions which they pierce. If a unit is assigned a greater than minimum freeboard at the request of the owner, regulation 6 6 need not apply. Sanitary, ballast and general service pumps may be accepted as independent power bilge pumps if fitted with the necessary connections to the bilge pumping system.

Therefore the minimum freeboard of each column-stabilized unit should be determined by meeting the applicable requirements for: The administration may allow the substitution of codd lights for yellow lights to indicate the position of cranes, and in the case of self-elevating units, legs.

Where a watertight flat is located within this region, the damage should be assumed to have occurred in both compartments above and below the watertight flat in question. The facts concerning the intervention should be reported to the organization 1.


A hose should be provided for every hydrant.

MODU Code ( Edition) – Maritime publications

Except in spaces of mkdu height and where their use is specially appropriate, detection systems using only thermal detectors should not be permitted. All two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus should conform to performance standards not inferior to those adopted by the Organization.

This will normally be sent within two hours of receipt of your order during offing hours 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri or the next working day if received outside this time. The procedures recommended and the approximate length of time required, considering both operating conditions and transit conditions, should be contained in the operating manual.

Permanente link Permanente link Chapter 14 Operating requirements Ingangsdatum: The number in parenthesis preceding each category refers to the applicable column or row in the tables: Your email address will not be published. The arrangement of the lifeboats should provide sufficient capacity to accommodate the total number of persons on board if: However, the interval between any two dry-dock surveys should not exceed 36 months.

MODU Code Consolidated Edition

Self-elevating and column-stabilized units Means should be provided to detect the presence of water in such compartments which are adjacent to the sea or adjacent to tanks containing liquids and in void compartments through which pipes conveying liquids pass.

This professional development diploma has been designed to provide the necessary knowledge required for offshore surveyors to get and remain up to date and highly skilled. Automatic control modh alarm systems 8.

imk The number of joints in such piping systems should be kept to a minimum and, where practicable, leakages from high-pressure oil codf pipes should be collected and arrangements provided for an alarm to be given.

Interested to find out more information, either contact us here at Larsens Marine via email info larsensmarine.


When such a freeboard is assigned, seasonal marks above the centre of the ring should not be marked and any seasonal marks below the centre of the ring should be marked.

In the case of MODUs expected to be routinely serviced by tandem main rotor helicopters, the helideck should be of mio size to contain a circle of diameter equal to at least cose. This person should be designated by title by the owner or operator of the unit or the agent of either of them. The damper should be provided with an indicator which shows whether the damper is open or closed.

The pre-loading procedures should be included in the operating manual. As far as practicable, means should be provided to preclude the entry of oil or other contaminants which may adversely affect the boiler. Analyse the role of the offshore 9189 in relation to clients, insurance companies and oil majors, cargo, classification societies and regulatory bodies. The offshore industry differs from shipping in many ways and it is no longer enough to have just the core technical surveying skills.

However, these units should not be subject to the terms of that Convention while they are supported by the sea-bed or are in the process of lowering or io their legs.

Account should be taken of the free surface of liquids in tanks. Sleeping quarters should be fitted with smoke detectors. The transfer of control 1899 navigating bridge and machinery spaces should be possible only in the machinery space or machinery control room.