Immanuel. Velikovsky. AGES IN CHAOS. VOLUME I. FROM THE EXODUS. TO KING AKHNATON. Doubleday. & Company,. Inc. GARDEN. Ages In Chaos Volume I From the Exodus To King Akhnaton by Velikovsky, Immanuel and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books. Peoples of the Sea – Ages of Chaos III – Immanuel Velikovsky – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

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Pages are creamy white, crisp and unmarked. Sizemore who loaned it to Ellenberger March 31, ]. Whisper of wear, in beautiful condition overall.

There is an existing description of the Plagues, however, by an Egyptian eyewitness. Bound in the original black cloth, gilt-lettered over a blue panel on the spine.

Ages in Chaos | The Velikovsky Encyclopedia

The resulting wild stretches of explanation become unnecessary when star dating is tossed out and the normal comparisons of culture and historical events are used. Yet when one goes into the world of accepted scholarship one tends to encounter a group of people who are so set in their ways that any major change to any accepted theory is met with huge amounts of resistance.

The 20th dynasty here becomes identified with the dynasties which ruled a newly independent Egypt in the early 4th century BCE, and the Sea Peoples against whom Rameses III fought are now identified as the Greek mercenaries of the Persian Kings who are here vrlikovsky with detailed justification as the Peleset, normally seen as another name for the Philistines.

Sachs threw so many accusations in that Philippic of his that I am at a difficulty to answer; but I invite Dr. Based on those written record styles, philologists were forced to theorize an entire people whose existence couldn’t be found by archaeologists. Velikovsky’s work has been harshly criticised, including even by some fellow chronological revisionists.


Jun velikosky, Cathryn Louis rated it really liked it Shelves: Hardcover in jacket jacket creased with nicks and tears; previous owners label on endpaper. Cameron rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Clean, tight, carefully used copy.

He is one of the most brilliant writers I have read.

Ages In Chaos

The records of these two visits show the same events and the same gifts exchanged. Very Good condition in a Very Good dust jacket. Far from slavishly championing Velikovsky’s chronology, these scholars believe that Velikovsky did not go far enough.

Ages in Chaos is a book by the controversial writer Immanuel Velikovsky, first published by Doubleday inwhich put forward a major revision of the history of the Ancient Near East. Teri Uktena rated it liked it Nov 02, I read Immanuel Velikovsky’s Ages in Chaos on and off for a month or two.

Susan rated it liked it Dec 20, A touch of extremity rubbing. The basic argument is that somehow I didn’t pick up how the accepted chronology of ancient Eg I read Immanuel Velikovsky’s Ages in Chaos on and off for a month or two. I wasn’t really sure why people referred to him as a nutter until I discovered that another of his books, Worlds in Collision involved a theory that Venus was originally a m Reconstructing Egyptian and Biblical history 13 April When I first heard of Immanuel Velikovsky it was suggested that he was a nutter, however a cursory glance across the Goodreads community actually suggest that there is some acceptance of his theories and I would be one of them, if we restrict ourselves to this book.

He has also authored a series of revisionist works under the title Pillars of the Past.


Ages in Chaos: A reconstruction of ancient history from the Exodus to King Akhnaton

The “great king” who crowned Horemheb was the Assyrian king. Velikovsky had put forward his ideas briefly in Theses for the Reconstruction of Ancient History inimmanuell Ages in Chaos was his velikivsky full-length work on the subject. The chhaos surrounding his work and its reception is often referred to as “the Velikovsky affair”.

Trivia About Ages in Chaos: Velikovsky, Immanuel []. For Sweeney, therefore, the Mitanni, who corresponded with the pharaohs of the Eighteenth Dynasty, are one and the same as the Medes, conquerors of the Assyrian Empire. Jan 12, Dave rated it liked it. Other chronological revisions inspired by Velikovsky The controversy over the chronology of Ancient Egypt has not entirely gone away.

Hardcover with dustjacket in protective mylar cover. Minor marks and wear to boards. Velikovsky is not so much the first of the new catastrophists. Pillars of the Past, Volume II.

They have also rejected some of Velikovsky’s more extreme claims e. Rohl and James’s views remain controversial and are not accepted by most historians. Summary Discuss Reviews 0 Ages in Chaos is a book by the controversial writer Immanuel Velikovsky, first published by Cahos inwhich put forward a major revision of the history of the Ancient Near East. The culprit in all this is Egyptian star dating.

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