Description: While the Dignitet curtain wire looks nice, it is not the most functional since it tends to sag (even when tensioned properly taut, it will. Buy IKEA – DIGNITET Curtain Wire, Stainless Steel: Window Hardware Sets no help at all, all you need is common sense, patience and follow the instructions. The items shown here are a Dignitet system from Ikea. .. else mentioned that, and it’s not that obvious from the instructions, but when you go to.

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The two diagonal measurements should be the same. Better to cut instrucyions too little than too much you can always cut more off later. You have to screw the bases into the wall. The right piece isn’t moving. The bed in our sample is a king headboard, which is apx.

How would you advise changing the anchor method?

Attach the cable, and tighten it. Fixtures are skewed, and that don’t look nice: As a double check for instructioms placement, measure diagonally between each corner string: Hi, Have you had any issues with the cable sagging?

Once you determine where you want to place your bed, decide how much curtain you want. Khushboo – I’m sorry, this is a very old article and we don’t remember those details, but if it was a “local hardware store” – most likely it was Home Depot, Ace or Harbor Freight. I have plaster walls. I was just planning on clipping them like you did, but wondered what in the world the others were for? Thanks for the easy directions!

Modified by Best Digital Products.

Dignitet Curtain Wire Note: I assume the tightening system uses the same principle as a turnbuckle which I’ve used on the fence so the trick is to unscrew it as far as possible before installing the cable? Our bed was king-sized and set into diignitet corner diagonally. As we mentioned above, but it’s important so we’ll say it again, you need a good anchor that expands behind the drywall.


It worked for our gauze but our runs were probably about half what you ikwa considering. T hanks in advance! Frayed cable won’t want to go into the holes. The main issue is making sure you have a strong stable surface to drill into – a stud, molding, instuctions.

Did you also use two types of screws?

Installing Cable Wire for Hanging Curtains

That’s about the limit of my knowledge on this particular product. Mount the post bracket with post and slide digmitet cover plate over it. The post marked “R” is a standard thread, and it screws in clockwise.

However, despite how I pulled the “rope” to tighten the slack, I just couldn’t level it out. I was on their website but the name “Dignitet” doesn’t match. If you need more, your local hardware store should carry the same diameter wire.

How to: Add tension to Dignitet wire curtain

Mila – as we mention above: Once fastened, make sure everything lines up, and mark the other two instuctions. The fact that the installation instructions are all pictorial was not a problem, the assembly was easy. The wire is rather difficult to cut, and I’ve had to purchase new wire when I’ve needed it to be longer than what I have left.

We found a very similar system at Pottery Barn.

It’s not the prettiest curtain hardware, but I’ve never found anything more functional and versatile and you can’t beat the price. Sewing Setup for Teens. I’m tempted to buy this unique set-up for my laundry room windows.


I guess it would probably work pretty well for its intended purpose, too. Thread the cable through the holes in the corner posts. If you want to be really cheap, twist two screw eye hooks into the wall studs I hope they’re directly opposite one another and get some wire. Honest review on kinds of shower curtains. But the most important thing isn’t really the tensile strength of the cable — it is really very good — it’s what you are screwing the anchors into.

You might want to reach out to a window covering expert with your situation. Hi Lacie — that sounds like a very interesting project! It is easier to ijea the bracket when marking mounting holes, and the position of the hole the cable runs in is critical.

IKEA – DIGNITET Curtain Wire, Stainless Steel | Shabby Chic Shower Curtains

I tightened and untightened screws, and finally, after a couple hours of all this, I just gave up. The first three sets of wire cutters I tried did not do the job. I don’t know if anyone else mentioned that, and it’s not that obvious from the instructions, but when you go to screw the left L post into the base, you have to do it counter-clockwise. Hi Kathio — there isn’t a real rule for width, it will depend a lot on the look you are going for and how many of those clips you want to buy dignitt the more fabric – the more clips you need.

Now, mount the post bracket in the correct position with a screw.