Order separate catalog online or phone + (0) 22 . Conventional “chain suitable” cable (left) and igus®. incl. usefull accessories and Chainflex® cables – developed and tested for E- Chain® Catalogue pages with an overview of the igus® E-ChainSystems®: 5. igus® produces cost effective e-chains/energy chains, drag chains and cable carriers for long vertical motion and low profile To the energy chains catalogue.

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Energy chains and tubes openable from both sides. Innovative energy supply system for cleanrooms.

Quickly find a suitable energy chain

EL Highly dynamic energy chain High stability and easy access due to snap-open crossbars. Low vibration, high speeds, wear-resistant.

Reduce downtime and increase the service life of cables and hoses. Micro- mini- and medium-sized cable carriers. First choice for multi-axis industrial robots.

As long as six soccer pitches: Inner heights of 32 to 80mm. The first choice for multi-axis industrial robots. Cabpe speeds and accelerations possible. The reinforcement for existing corrugated tube systems.


Cable carriers for moving applications

Heavy duty energy supply to the seabed. This avoids unnecessary storage space and waste of resources. Configure complete energy supply systems for short or long travels as well as for hanging applications. Wide range of accessories available. PMA protective hoses To protect flexible electric cables, power cables, robotic cables, data cables etc.

E2 mini Interior separation available Small pitch, quiet operation. T3 System Highly flexible, low-vibration caralogue chain “on strip” Extremely low noise operation up to 33 dB A. To the offshore energy chain shop. To the rotary modules shop. Long travels and heavy duty. Additional strength and higher fill weights possible. To the e-cord micro shop. Request the kit now!

e-chains® online shop – long-lasting energy chains for your application

Inner heights from 38 to 48mm. Very lightweight, highly stable and providing a long service life. FTA Floating moving end. A finished engine every 14 seconds. Can run side-mounted over travels ft and more. Cost-effective solution for large volumes. With a PPDS early warning system for any faults that may occur. Extremely low noise operation down to just 37 dB A.

Igus Energy Chains

Our expert knowledge is being refined continuously cain the help of our customers, and is then incorporated into our product range. Space-saving complete system for safe guidance of energy, data and air.


E2 R Energy Tubes Lids snap open on one side and on the inner or outer radius.

Catalouge alternative to complex cable shears. Compact, complete system for the safe guidance of energy, data and air. Inner heights of 21 to mm. For highly dynamic applications; suitable for cleanrooms.

Monday to Friday from 7 am – 8 pm. Engine factory smart plastics in use A finished engine every 14 seconds. E1 System energy chain in one strip Modular, one-piece band for simple applications. To P4 system shop. Lightweight dhain cable-friendly interior. Opens on both sides, low-cost.

Openable from both sides, also as e-tube. Also available as an Energy Tube.

System E1 — energy chain on a band Modular, single piece band for simple applications. To the liftband shop.