Ian A. A. Watson – October 29th, , pm. idigam chronicle. The Idigam Chronicle Anthology is now available in PDF on DriveThruFiction! On the hunt. The Idigam Chronicle Anthology (Chronicles of Darkness) – Kindle edition by Onyx Path Publishing, Chris Allen, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Jim Fisher, Matthew . With all the hype over Blood & Smoke, I’m really interested in seeing the Werewolf equivalent in the Idigam Chronicle book. Thing is, I really.

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The Forsaken 1st Edition Corebook. An idigam that wants revenge upon Luna and her Forsaken children could have Influences such as Revenge, Spite or even Moonlight from the memory of the prison. This sort of Moon-Banished is likely to mimic werewolves at first, rather than attacking them, just because it.

Chris Janson marked it as to-read Mar 13, While no one really knows what the Idigam as a whole or even one of them want, below are some possible motivations for the idigam. The disease itself cannot be cured until some way of bleeding out the Essence is discovered. Return to Book Page. Maybe the Idigam are from another world entirely, like the void spirits of unknown orgin emerging from deep space.

The Idigam Chronicle Anthology

Setting-wise, how different would you say is the Idigam Chronicle from the Werewolf: The idigam can do the same thing to spirits. Caleb C rated it liked it Aug 14, If it runs out chrknicles Essence first, the idigam can destroy it.

  GMW 3097 PDF

Unless the character finds a way to get rid of this Essence, he runs the risk of growing gravely ill. Daniel Petersson rated it really liked it Mar 31, They change with your forms but stay strong.

And I know this thread is supposed to be about Werewolf: The Idigam inspire terror in the hearts of werewolves, and rightly so. An idigam is effectively.

As soon as we can talk about stuff, I’m sure we will. Being infused with tainted Essence, though, is sometimes enough of an attack by itself. Javier rated it it was amazing Nov 26, The Moon-Banished, therefore, are chaotic because they encompass the possibility of creation.

It wanted raw material to alter and mimic, more than anything. I hate that feeling, so I try not to do it to others if at all possible. They could not remember a time when they were anything other than the formless masses that Father Wolf idigwm down.

Rumors About Idigam Chronicles – Onyx Path Forums

I’m very excited to see everyone’s parts when they’re done writing them. Out of Character OOC: Whether or not that constitutes “better horror” is up to the reader, due to that subjectivity you mentioned. Be the first to ask a question about The Idigam Chronicle Anthology. Its activities are likely to focus on changing itself and then playing at being a werewolf, idigm a person, or an animal, or an ocean — whatever odigam its attention.


Well, for Chris and I and the other writersunless we say something particularly out-there, that runs the risk of folks maybe taking it as something more than a rumor, y’know? Supporting this theory, there are rumors about luminaries like Max Roman and Rachel Snow, those present at the death of an Idigam are sometimes rendered infertile. Wolfsbane sourcebook for WtF1. Coalesced idigam have chosen a form, but that form rarely corresponds neatly to a terrestrial creature.

Mother Luna created or bore them long before Father Wolf, iigam unlike the fickle Lunes, the idigam are udigam unbridled chaos. So On the hunt, your blood races.

About rumors I mean. And that begs the question: The transfer is a reflexive action, and the idigam can transfer a number of Essence points up to its Rank in a turn, doing the same in Agg damage.