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Our success depends, in part, on our ability to define and keep pace with changes in industry standards, technological developments and varying customer requirements. On January 23,the Commission determined not to review the ALJ’s Initial Determination granting the motion to terminate the investigation as to those withdrawn patent claims.

On March 3,the Company submitted to NDRC, pursuant to a procedure set out in the AML, a formal application for suspension of the investigation that included proposed commitments by the Company.


On June 2,InterDigital responded in support of the motion as to the addition iccc MMO to the investigation but opposed the motion to the extent it sought termination of the investigation as to Nokia Corp. Setbacks in defending and enforcing our patent rights could cause our revenue and cash flow to decline. We rely on relationships with third parties to develop and deploy technology solutions.

On October 16,the Guangdong Province High Court issued a ruling affirming the ruling of the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court in the second proceeding, and on October 21,the Guangdong Province High Court issued a ruling affirming the ruling of the Shenzhen Intermediate Iddc Court in the first proceeding.

Our plans to broaden our patent-based revenue sources through enhanced intellectual property sourcing, joint ventures, and developing technology in new areas may not be successful and could materially adversely affect idcf long-term business, financial condition and operating results.

From time to time, these audits reveal underreporting or underpayments under the applicable agreements. The court granted this motion on July 11, In certain cases, the company could be required to apply new or revised guidance retroactively or apply existing guidance differently. Some of our TDMA inventions include or relate to: Our license agreements typically provide for audit rights as well as private arbitration as the mechanism for resolving disputes.

Some of our patent licenses are paid up, requiring no additional payments relating to designated sales under agreed upon conditions. Initializing procedures that enable roaming.


idcc Télécharger les documents complets pdf gratuitement |

It can be difficult for us to verify royalty amounts owed to us under our licensing agreements, and this may cause us to lose potential revenue. The Federal Circuit granted both of these motions on November 7, This strategy is based on the expectation that the company’s portfolio and its growth rate extend well beyond the requirements for a successful licensing program.

Based on these findings, the court ordered InterDigital to cease the alleged excessive pricing and alleged improper bundling of InterDigital’s Chinese essential and non-essential patents, and to pay Huawei Technology Research and Development.

The court issued a claim construction opinion on April 22, Duringwe completed the formation of a joint venture with Sony. Those efforts, and the knowledge gained through them, underpin internal development efforts and also help guide technology and intellectual property sourcing through partners and other external sources. An arbitration hearing was held on January Relay communications for improved cell-edge performance. InterDigital opposed that motion on July 29, In addition, upon a default by the option counterparty, we may suffer adverse tax consequences and dilution with respect to our common stock.

Upon the occurrence of certain transactions constituting a fundamental change, including the sale of all or substantially all of our assets, holders of the Notes will have the right, at their option, to require us to repurchase all of their Notes or any portion of the principal amount of such Notes.

Additional information about our development expenses is provided in the results of operations, under the heading “Operating Expenses,” in Part II, Item 7, of this Form K. Cellular standards have evolved from voice-oriented services to multimedia services that exploit the higher speeds offered by newer technologies, such as LTE.

On February 28,Nokia filed its answer and counterclaims to InterDigital’s Delaware District Court complaint, and then amended its answer and counterclaims on March 5, The distributions from ircc Signal Trust will support continued research related to cellular wireless technologies.

The company operates six research and development facilities in four countries, including the addition of research and development offices in London in and in Seoul in As discussed below, InterDigital has appealed that claim construction from the TA investigation to the Federal Circuit.


On Idfc 12,the Commission issued a notice, order and opinion remanding idcd investigation to an ALJ. Our research and technology development centers are located in the following locations: On February 4,on remand from the Federal Circuit, the Commission issued an order requiring the parties to submit comments regarding what further proceedings must be conducted to comply with the Federal Circuit’s Ivcc 1, judgment, including whether any issues should be remanded to an ALJ to be assigned to this investigation.


In addition, litigation, arbitration and administrative proceedings require significant key employee involvement for significant periods of time, which could divert these employees idcx other business activities.

Joint detection and interference cancellation techniques for reducing interference. The multi-year agreement also resolved all pending litigation between the companies. Called Convida Wireless, the joint venture combines InterDigital’s advanced M2M research capabilities with Sony’s consumer electronics expertise. If the retrial is granted, the SPC will likely schedule one or more additional hearings before it issues a decision on the merits of the case.

The Pegatron arbitration 1720 confirmed that, to the extent that Pegatron manufactures Licensed Products for Apple that are not licensed under our patent license agreement with Apple the ” Apple PLA”those products are covered by the Pegatron PLA and are royalty bearing under that agreement. The commitments contained in item 3 above will expire five years from the effective date of the suspension of the investigation, or May 22, On March 23,the ALJ issued a new procedural schedule for the investigation, setting a trial date of October 22, to November 2, Smart Access Manager enables operators and others to integrate Wi-Fi management seamlessly into 172 offerings.

The Delaware District Court complaint seeks a permanent injunction and compensatory damages in an amount to be determined, as well as enhanced damages based on willful infringement, and recovery of reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. We expend significant time and effort identifying users and potential users of our inventions and negotiating license agreements with companies that may be reluctant to take licenses.