Hypnagogic pop is a style of music and related media that explores elements of cultural The term was coined by journalist David Keenan in an August issue of The Wire to label the developing trend, which he characterized as “pop. In an August piece for the The Wire, journalist David Keenan coined the term “hypnagogic pop” to refer to a developing trend of s lo-fi and post-noise . Hence, the trend of “hypnagogic pop,” a term coined last year by The Wire’s David Keenan to refer to music reflecting a memory of a memory.

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In Defence of Nostalgia”. Marcello to thread to slag off 18 Wheeler. Stevie Moore and Martin Newell as the most notable.

Worst “genre” created by a journalist part : ‘Hypnagogic Pop’ by David Keenan.

All of which apparently seeped into the consciousness of these young twentysomething musicians when they were toddlers. I put “hypnagogic pop” into a band’s one sheet today for the hell of it. Click here if you want to load them all. I do have one of James Ferraro’s tapes he did as Lamborghini Crystal and I guess the whole aesthetic of that project is like taking old corny 80s synth-rock and straight-to-VHS movie soundtracks as the basis, then makng them all twisted and confusing and sounding like it’s been passed down to an nth-generation cassette Diana Rogerson MP3 Tracks: In doing so, Nicely basically invented the sound of the s Hypnagogic Pop movement decades beforehand.

Adam Trainer suggested that the style allowed artists to engage with the products of media-saturated capitalist consumer culture in a way that focuses on affect rather than irony or cynicism. Keenan irritates me, so the latter beckons, but I haven’t read the article yet, here goes Simon Reynolds described hypnagogic pop as a “21st-century update of psychedelia” in which “lost innocence has been contaminated by pop culture” and hyper-reality.


Hurting 2Monday, 20 July Still look at it in train stations but it often stays at the station.

Because I don’t buy it often enough to get annoyed enough to write a letter! But we digress — again. HPs tend to last longer than Epsons, imo. Retrieved 26 June Less overtly footnoted, the American stuff has more of a Rorschach ink-blot aspect.

Hypnagogic pop

I think there is something in this. I was only asking to make another computer brand joke, tbh. Granted it was with scarequotes you could see from space but it still felt gooooooooood. Did we say hypnagogic pop?

Or was that just one of the two guys, or am I misremembering something? A lot of these bands also seem to be trying to recreate Loveless as cheaply as possible. Hypnagogic pop A compact cassette. I was wondering why this term had suddenly appeared on Twitter. Compared to the UK stuff, it has an off-hand, even tossed-off quality and would almost have to be, given the insane output of releases that’s the norm in this zone; Ferraro’s done something like forty under an array of pseudonyms in just a few years.

Indeed, according to the dissolute deity, overtures have already been made to Keehan about starring in the Kent biopic — true story.

One angle of critique with the British hauntologists that’s been voiced by some is that it’s over -baked: Interested to read it.


Ducktails (No 718)

One question raised for me by the piece was: In Defence of Nostalgia”. This highlights a major parallel between the philosophy at play in hypnogogic pop and the larger societal shift towards an instant nostalgia for the past.

Lopatin was reportedly unaware of her identity, but said that the observation adds “another layer of materiality within that piece—and that’s totally how they’re supposed to function”.

Retrieved 15 August The all-female Tokyo power trio’s monolithic motorik is gaining them a worldwide following. Like Washed Out et al, his music’s inchoate and etiolated, and crackles, hiss and all manner of degraded sound are left in the mix as though to enhance the idea of this distant, half-remembered, half-heard, did-I-dream-that? What would or would not make something like Spiritualized’s “Electric Mainline” hypnagogic pop?

Please either login hereor if you are not registered, you may register here. Also, wondering what the ratio was of “new weird america” being used sincerely vs.

Maligned as it is, New Age music has a fairly respectable ancestry: Earl still lends his high-pitched voice often processed through hazy effects to Woods, whose lo-fi freak-folk occasionally meanders into fuzz-laden psychedelic guitar solos on their fourth LP, Songs of Shamewhich cracked last year’s Top 50 on Pitchfork. By David Keenan Since I cant scan the article. Not enough avant-gardists glowering at manky old teapots.