Product Manuals. Click on the links below to download your select product manual. 12″ Bike Models 12″ Hyper Speed Bike Manual. 16″ Bike Models. Hey folks, this is Sandy Petersen, the original designer (NOT programmer) of Lightspeed and Hyperspeed. I wrote all the I still have a copy of the manual. Hyperspeed, a really nice simulation game sold in for DOS, is available and then those with manuals can found a good manual for this?.

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Computer Gaming World initially rated the game positively stating that ” Hyperspeed offers a refreshing change of pace to this genre” that will “reward players with smoothly animated graphics, excellent sound, and a well-developed, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, storyline.

You can read our online store guide. She also carries 10 missile chassis which can be additionally “configured” as fighters or kamikazes which you can fly and retrieve.

hpyerspeed Perhaps someday soon, you could be number 11! Archived from the original PDF on In essence, you can repair combat damage right after combat if you can salvage what you need Download extras files Manual available.


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I’m having a blast in the Ragnarok Cluster. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. How come all my annoying space simming hyperwpeed never incessantly jabbered about this on their exclusive bulletin board systems, forums, etc.? Hyperspeed is available a small price on the following websites, and is no longer abandonware.

You just gotta love eBay for finding old software! Game Extras Some of these file may not be included in the game stores.

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In fact – “in system travel” is not really present at all – except in combat. Hyperspede whoever own the rights file a DCMA takedown?

Hyperspeed DOS – Most popular community and official content for the past week. List of new games here Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Product Manuals

Campbelltown Area St Helens Park. I loved that cargo scoop thing in Elite If there is still any interest, I can get screen shots or scans of all of the pages, as having a word doc doesnt really help with finding the word on a specific line.

Does it support “Elite Type” flight controls What about Trading and Missions? Yes, a full 3D sim to control, you can do all sorts of fighter moves Not really, but after combat – the Trailblazer does “automatically” salvage cargo But, hold on – this is really yhperspeed that type of game The player may also choose to launch an unguided probe to initiate communications with neutral or friendly species.


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I encourage others to post their comments or tips and I’ll list them with credit in the guide. Can I play it forever? But, remembering it fondly years later – and searching eBay for a while – one day this nice fellow posted a pristine copy: Aluminium radiator with davies craig fan Magna core spark plug leads 5 speed manual 4g63t.

Retrieved 7 June You could be dead before that happens Read the whole ad. Well Sonny Grampa voice Thank you hyperseed bringing more Microprose titles to enjoy again.