Hyam Maccoby. But Maccoby’s is not simply a hermeneutic of suspicion. Maccoby concludes that Paul cannot have been a Pharisee, that his claims are. Best Condition. Acceptable. $ Add to Cart. The Day God Laughed: Sayings, Fables & Entertainments of the Jewish Sages. Hyam Maccoby. from: $ Hyam Maccoby [The Mythmaker] was mostly right: 1. Paul was not Maccoby was also right about something else, which I shall go into in greater depth later on.

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The burning question is, how did Paul know, with such utter certainty, that the Galatians were serving anything we cannot say precisely maccogy just yet because we have not determined the value of “elements” by obeying the Commandments? So what hywm wrong with being “in Adam? Maccoby thinks that Jesus did see himself as the messiah, but as the messiah in completely Jewish terms: Now, what does it mean to be “in the likeness” of Christ? This is an angry little book that takes hysm that Christianity has ever claimed about Paul at face value and then dissects its improbability using Talmudic arguments against Paul’s own.

One of Maccoby’s major arguments–and one that has wide currency among non-dogmatic, non-fundamentalist scholars, even Christian scholars–is the idea that, for all intents and purposes, Paul was the founder of Christianity.

You’ll learn in this book about what the Anti-Christ mythology was originally about madcoby that the Apocalypse is actually the story of getting rid of this religio-political conservative capitalist force of evil, not about eco-collapse and the extermination of humanity.

Hyam Maccoby Mostly Right About Apostle Paul

To ask other readers questions about The Mythmakerplease sign up. Trivia About The Mythmaker: He is survived by his wife Cynthia, two daughters and a son.

Now a mediator of one is not, but God is one. This he rejects, citing the Torah that God alone is the source of life. His grandfather and namesake was Rabbi Hyam or “Chaim” Maccoby —better known as the “Kamenitzer Maggid”, a hgam religious Zionist and advocate of vegetarianism and animal welfare.

He has studied Judaism, understands the teachings of the Pharisees of the time of Jesus, and makes several points to show that Paul may not be the Pharisee that he portrays himself to be. It renders “all my work for you in vain” in preaching the gospel, presumably.

Perhaps he hyxm The Mythmaker is a profound book. What values does Paul give us here? All 4 of these arguments, in fact, are quite sensible if what Paul argues is based on what is true; but that is the very point at issue, and Maccoby has merely started by assuming from the get-go that Christianity as we know it is a Pauline fraud.


It’s not even taking for granted, so much as needing to believe it in order for their worlds not to crumble beneath them. But if her husband dies, haym is released from that law and is not an adulteress, even though she marries another man.

Jesus was transported to the highest pinnacle of the Temple and invited to jump off, with the assurance that since he had such great faith he could not possibly come to harm.

Jesus was a non-violent direct action activist for compassionate treatment of the poor and social organizer for a “Kingdom of God” here on earth in Palestine and the rest of the world. All these things are descriptive of Paul: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Let us conclude that Paul conceded the law was ordained by someone or something, and did not believe that someone or something was God.

Thus for Maccoby Paul was a tormented, confused, vindictive Gentile who lied about his Pharisaism and maccogy a legacy of anti-Semitism.

Overall, this book seems to lack scholarly attributes, though raises important questions I would like to see handled by a more qualified researcher. The w I found this book by Hyam Maccoby very interesting.

Paul provides two mechanisms, and we presume both operate simultaneously: Likewise, Paul could not have derived his doctrine of the cross simply by meditating on the crucifixion of Jesus: Maccoby uses biblical and other ancient texts to support his argument that Jesus, a man who lead a group of political dissidents, was just a man, and that it was Paul who later infused pagan and gnostic mysticism into the story to create the Jesus myth.

Also cited is the fact that Paul bases some of his arguments on the LXX, which Maccoby claims that a Palestinian scholar of Judaism would never do, although not so much as a footnote is offered in proof – and one wonders what works from the first century Maccoby can provide as proof; if he cites Talmudic literature, then that is too late to use as proof, for it is beyond that century and into the time when Jewish scholars would indeed have disliked using the LXX, because of consistent Christian use of it.

This is about the wrong course that birthed Catholicism and its offshoot Protestantism into organizations of hatred, intolerance, evil, and extinction. Since the law was ordained through a “mediator” leaving aside the question of whether this was so or notand there can not be a mediator of “one,” such as God is leaving aside this issue as wellit follows that the law could not have been ordained by God.


In his book Revolution In Judea: His work will probably strengthen the belief that Jesus was to some extent an anti-Roman political revolutionary, Paul a Hellenistic interloper.

Thus it is clear that while Maccoby’s extensive source list looks impressive, he’s simply listed volumes to make it look like he’s done the work.

Let us start by observing the people it is addressed to “those who know the law. That is what Paul says; and if Maccoby did not understand, it was because there are some enormities the mind cannot encompass.

Hyman Maccoby, a critique

What is really happening here is revealed in part by the tribute Maccoby offers to those who funded his work – The Centre for the Study of Anti-Semitism. Maccoby gives less credence to Acts and more to both the documents of the Ebionites and the Pseudo-Clemetines, a fifth-century document One reviewer said it made her mom cry and not for warm-fuzzy reasons. It is only when Maccoby tries to develop a biography of Paul that he makes conjectures that would be hysm by mainstream scholarship.

Would this be satisfactory? And the fact the author quoted from maccoyb Book of Deuteronomy shows that the issue was extremely serious, Deuteronomy is an extremely serious book.

Tell that to James the brother of Jesus and Josephus.

Hyam Maccoby – Wikipedia

Trump is one of the Four Horsemen for crying out loud! He wants us to stop being human beings subject to the Ruler of the Universe, in the only way, legally, this can be brought about: In “Mythmaker” Maccoby tells us that, according to Ebionite sources which are not cited Saul of Tarsus—later, the Apostle Paul—was not, as he claimed, a Pharisaical rabbi, but rather a Gentile, born of Gentile parents. Once he went through a place the poor people he had gulled into following him did not know who to believe, Paul or the apostles, and many followed neither, but sought a middle course that turned into New Testament Christianity.

In short, if Paul were a Gnostic his passage would have maccby perfect sense, and his epistle to the Galatians would have made perfect sense as well, for what were the Galatians doing but obeying the law?

In sum, these are his beliefs: