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So, how does the magnet do it? The force that drives the magnet forward comes from the gradient of the magnetic funnel as the fields try to expand against each other. As a consequence a scientist can reject the idea of a demon being invoked by an incantation outright as being outside the realm of physical possibility.

Using it on a fridge or fridge-freezer is very informative as the cumulative reading ojkbook the actual amount of current draw over a day, and at night, with the lower temperatures and nearly zero opening of the door, the current draw is very much lower than the peak current draw. The reason for this is human rather than technical.

It would have shown up in commercial and industrial projects and would have been seen by those working on them. And yet, it is a fixed idea that you have to burn a fuel to get power. The energy flows in from our local environment, costs us nothing and will keep u, coming whether we make use of it or not. A 3-Battery Switching Circuit.

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Neither are examples of perpetual motion. There is a strong tendency for people to state that such a system is not possible since it contravenes the Law of Conservation of Energy.

I point out that if the laws of the universe permitted overunity to occur at all, somewhere, some pj,book a feedback loop would have been created by now that htpt have torn the universe apart. The rub is that I doubt any holistically thinking person would claim a truly closed system.

A modification of this idea is the Ecklin-Brown Generator. Efficient magnetic transfer 6. But, even today, it is relatively difficult to find much in the way of direct, useful and practical information on free-energy systems and techniques.

I do not suggest that this set of information covers every possible device, nor that my description is by any means the complete and definitive statement of everything to be known on the subject.


I do not think in mathematical equations, so I do not share in this much higher level of thinking and analysis, though I do have some of these papers on my web site for the benefit of visitors who do have the ability to understand them easily. This, of course, is impossible according to conventional science. If not for that insane hope, I never would have put myself through the rigor of learning the fundamentals of circuits and electromagnetism. He could curve and take their front a bit higher, so their role is reduced.

This is something [omahaturbo] found out when he failed to install a spark arrestor. Nowadays there are measuring instruments of all I-9 kinds for sale ready-made. A Battery Charger for just One Battery. Ukk is not because we are stupid pikbook instead it is because our current science still has a long way to go.

Free energy

Conventional science says that permanent magnets can’t be used as a source of power. The rotor magnets are joined in stepped pairs, connected by a non-magnetic yoke. The only thing that is perpetual is a distrust to physics and a belief to their Gurus and conspiracy theories….

They succeeded in intimidating him into stopping his demonstrations or publishing the exact details of how to replicate his aerial power system. In contemporary electromagnetic technology there has been so much engineering done, that if there were any major anomalies such that it would have that sort of an impact, they would have manifested by now.

The re-wired halogen heater. Basically what is happening is that the magnetic fields cancel out once the main magnet is in the track, the motion is only caused by the magnet initially getting pulled into the track. I think you have it backwards Relativity would never have been considered if all the observations had continued to support Newtonian mechanics.

Have at it i have no money just knowledge. If someone made a device that can gain energy from the rotation of the galaxy, like tidal generators gain energy from the orbit of the moon, it would not be over-unity but it could still be very useful.


However, the calculation is massively flawed in that is not based on what is actually happening and worse still, it makes initial assumptions which are just plain wrong. In his case, the flywheel is very light and has simple paddles attached around the rim of the wheel: The Molina Martinez self-powered electrical generator patent.

Ironically it is not the latter who are being narrow-minded as their position is a consequence of having a broader overall view of the implications. This eBook includes circuits and devices which manage to tap this energy successfully. The objective of this website http: But really, the perpetual motion and special motor and generator people get boring pretty quickly.

Yes it is impossible, and I explained why it is, and if you really ui understand the implications you would know it too.

Overunity, Free Energy and Perpetual Motion: The Strange Side of YouTube

This is not the case, nor is it correct to say that the engine is powered by the gas produced. To give you a general idea of typical power ratings, here is a list: For those dnergy you who watched the X-Files last night they had proof positive of a space craft that used zero-point energy to fly. Overunity energy is the reason I started tinkering in the first place.

When double wideband O2 sensors setups were insanely expensive, and add-on systems like electric systems for cl or air injection were also costly, anything other than a standard piston IC engine was not worth the added cost. No such change is necessary, it merely depends on your point of view. A car running on a HHO generator will eventually be found on the side of the road with a dead battery. If you are not familiar with the basic principles of electronics, then please read the simple step-by-step electronics tutorial in Chapter 12 which is intended to help complete beginners in the subject.