Composed in medieval Iceland, Hrolf’s Saga is one of the greatest of all mythic- legendary sagas, relating half-fantastical events that were said to have occurred . Hrolf Kraki’s Saga has ratings and 50 reviews. Lyn said: Poul Anderson has demonstrated his passion for Norse mythology in several of his works and t. The Saga of Hrolf Kraki (Hrólfs saga kraka) is a 13th century Icelandic Legendary Saga about the legendary Danish king Hrolf Kraki, who would have .

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Apr 23, Sebastian rated it it was ok. For Hrolf Kraki’s SagaMr Anderson, according to the introductory material in the book, coordinated, assembled, and retold “the scattered heroic literature” to bring us this “keening, blood-rimed tale of men who walked like gods.

Hrolf Kraki’s Saga

Anderson delivers on a wonderful tradition of the lore of heroes. A great retelling of the myth of the tragic Viking King. The text falls into five main sections, each one focusing on a different set of characters. Poul Anderson nos narra un complejo en tapiz donde las historias de entrecruzan y comparten protagonistas, creando un tapiz lleno de traiciones, odios, amores, venganzas, combates, guerras, magia y muertes no paran de suceder en solo hojas. Another outstanding heroic fantasy.

Hrólfs saga kraka – Wikipedia

Definitely an interesting dive into Scandinavian lore. Maurai and Kith Orion Shall Rise. The comparison isn’t lost on Master Anderson either: Heroes and gods Beowulf and Odin even make appearancesmonsters and witches, oraki all very well told.

I have not read an actual translation of the compilation of the ancient Danish manuscripts which date from as far back as the s but from the way in which Mr. This is on the grimmer side hrolr his style, though not so bleak as “The Broken Sword”, but readers will find a continuity of style between the two, a feeling that seems that both htolf belong to the same world.


Anderson put his story together I assume he followed the fragmentary source documents more closely than not, so I believe one will get as respectably accurate an unders Hrolf Kraki’s Saga by Pohl Anderson is a wonderful book. The titular Hrolf Kraki plays a large role in the tale, but the book is more than a mere biography, as Hrolf comes in late in the book.

Poul William Anderson was an American science fiction author who began his career during one of the Golden Ages of the genre and continued to write and remain popular into the 21st century. Slaughter, slavery, robbery, rape, torture, heathen rites bloody or obscene, were parts of daily life She was, however, not interested and humiliated Helgi by shaving his head and covering him with tar, while he was asleep, and sending him back to his ship.

No one lives in a vacuum and one hero’s life has roots in the past. Skuld became the ruler of Denmark but did not rule well.

Like Arthur in Britain he became the stuff of legend; here, Anderson reworks the legend into a novel, though sticking fairly close to the source.

Mar 02, Robin Hobb ktaki it it was amazing. Hrolf’s Saga devotes a significant share of the narrative to the destiny of female characters, and a significant feature of the text is that important events turn on decisions made by women.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. Oct 11, Mike the Paladin rated it liked it Shelves: Hrlf was sitting in a Shari’s restaurant with my family, celebrating a baptism, when Sean Glenn walked up to me and handed me a book. Years later, on another foray to Saxony, he kidnaps a beautiful shepherd girl, Yrsa.

With all the pieces in place, however, the fifth and last part of the saga chaps. Jul 02, Fraser Sherman rated it really liked it Shelves: See 1 question about Hrolf Kraki’s Saga…. They take great pleasure in discovering and commemorating the achievements of all nations; in their view it is as enlightening to discourse on the prowess of others as to display their own.


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The events of Yrsa’s life, including hrold marriages and wishes, form a narrative thread, linking different sections of the saga and touching the lives of many of the characters. Picture is retrieved from the project “Old educational posters” at the Centre for Texts in Teaching, the College of Vestfold, at http: Ssga events can be dated to the late 5th century and the 6th century. Anderson filled in gaps and tried to reconcile contradictions in the source materials.

After Hroar’s death a short civil war Hrolf becomes his successor.

King Hrolf Kraki – Introduction – About the Saga

Anderson mentions the more recognized hero in his saga and introduces readers to this legend. Dec 24, David Fackelman rated it it was amazing. For me, that meant it was a total immersion experienc This translation of Hrolf Kraki’s saga was given to me as a battered paperback by a friend I’d only met once at that time.

Moreover, some of their enemies also appear: Her previous husband, King Helgi, remains in love with her. I don’t know what the publisher was thinking, inflicting that hideousness on what is really a very good book.

The Saga of King Hrolf Kraki is one of the major Scandinavian legendary tales and belongs to the group of mythic-heroic Icelandic stories known as the “sagas of ancient times,” or fornaldar sagas.

Halfdan’s young sons Helgi and Hroar go into hiding to escape his fate, successfully eluding Frodhi until they reach adulthood and can take vengeance on their father’s killer. The characters are sufficiently mythic, yet still flawed and human hrolff to hold the reader’s interest and the grolf of the supernatural into the human world is never overdone, displaying the characteristic wildness and unpredictability of the sagas from which they come.

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