Complete summary of Honoré Balzac’s Sarrasine. novella begins, the narrator is attending an evening reception given by Count and Countess de Lanty. Sarrasine The narrator is out of sight in a window seat at a ball. As he contemplates the garden he hears bits and pieces of various. Honoré de Balzac (–) may be best known as a novelist, yet he was also a prolific and skilled writer of short stories and novellas.

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Balzac’s descriptive and unfiltered observations of the Parisian high society people and lifestyle were the highlight but the plot itself was a bit thin. Whereas the ball is young and full of life, the mysterious old man who enters it stands out as the mark of opposition.

You can take a look at Wikipedia if you are curious. Sarrasine falls in love with Zambinella and courts her, but she is strangely reluctant to engage with him.

It was the equivalent of standing in front of an Old Master in an art gallery and being instructed by the enraptured guide to study the beautiful painting of the velvet folds of the curtains, just look at those brush strokes, see how he has captured the light Sarrasine The narrator is out of sight in a window seat at a ball.

Sarrasine – Wikipedia

And do you sararsine know what sort of creatures A lot going in this packed little read that begins slowly and builds to an exciting and dramatic crescendo. The story deals with homosexuality, a common theme in Balzac’s Human Comedy, and also with lust and obsession, as well as castration.


The story also touches on oppositions between the generations, as Sarrasine himself is opposite to his father, on oppositions between the art world and the political world, on oppositions between France and Italy, and on oppositions between the ideal and sarradine real.

I will read more of Balzac in the future. He says that since she likes to srarasine stories of the fierce passions, kindled in our heart by the enchanting women of the South that he will come to her house the next evening and enlighten her as to the mystery.

For the pipevinesee Aristolochia longa. Sarrasine bitterly accuses Zambinella of bringing him down to his level and making love a meaningless word.

Sarrasine by Honoré de Balzac

But I wonder if S could have avoided his fate had he been less of a douche. By doing this, he is developing character and tension by giving the reader just enough information to make an assumption and to keep them interested. Which, of course, turned out much better for everyone involved. Inanimate objects are imbued with character as earrasine the city of Paris, a backdrop for much of his writing, takes on many human qualities.

I never really got this one either. Because women were not allowed on stage, castrati regularly played the parts of women. And friendship — does that even exist? Espaces de noms Texte Discussion. This is sadrasine inspi Colorful and surprisingly intense, with plenty of beautiful writing. It’s completely sumptuous and an entirely immersing reading experience.


But possibly not updated re a while.

If you were a man or a woman, I would kill you! Finally able to talk to La Zambinella in private, Sarrasine speaks of love.

When she says that he is too beautiful to be a man, the narrator experiences a pang of jealousy and tells her that the artist worked from a statue of a woman and that he believes it represents a relative of Madame de Lanty. Sarrasine follows her and is greeted by a roar of infernal laughter.

La famille Lanty a beaucoup d’argent. The guest asks to be told the story of this man. Was it a great story, who cares?

La Zambinella is in fact a castrato. He falls in love with her, going to all of her performances and creating a clay mold of her. Jul 06, Emy rated it liked it Shelves: So what’s this got to do with the Lanty family, asks Madame de Rochefide? July 20, at After only two weeks in Italy he saw a crowd outside the Argentina theatre and entered to see the show.

Hugo was also known for influencing Romanticisma movement that spread to France in the s and emphasized a sense of individuality and emotion.