XLS80e System Architecture. Repeater Panel. Repeater Panel. XLS80e. Security . EBI . with all Honeywell systems providing ongoing solution and support. FAAST™. Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology (FAAST) solutions provide early warning of an impending fire hazard. FAAST can buy time to investigate an . HRA Software Downloads (Unzip the Package and Install). Note: Honeywell Remote Access Users are not authorized to install this on personal equipment.

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There is an optional, configurable upper limit on the number of devices to be scanned.

XLS80e Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel

Change Device Configuration – Modules With the User Menu displayed, press go to the Configuration Menu directly. The Extinguishing System input requires a system number to be specified, i. It should be consulted in particular when modules are to have their sensitivities and delays adjusted, since the parameters vary according to the application.

Learn Devices On Loops The choices made in these steps are only used for new or changed modules, not for unchanged modules that have already been configured.


To initiate Manual Evacuation Press Evacuate: XLS80e Fire Alarm Control Panels Inputs at a panel on the network Relationships can be defined between inputs at one panel and outputs at another panel. Diagnostic Rs Port Set-up The zone or cell in which the device is placed.

Sensitivity And Alarm Delay Recommendations Time-of-day Program Editing This causes appropriate annunciations and actions at those panels. Isolated RS Interface Board, if fitted can be configured for: Control Output Tests No menus are being accessed.

For example, if there is a Master and three Slaves, then up to 28 Repeaters can be installed; Steps 1 to 3 are omitted if only sensors were selected in the procedure of Section 5.

To enter details for any node, proceed as follows Test while at access level 3. MCP Manual call joneywell b. Using The Off-line Support Tool When the panel is ready to accept the configuration data, simply connect it to your PC, for the final data transfer to be made.


Completion Of New Entry At set times of day. If no changes were made, the message shown at left is displayed for a short time. Starting The Procedure Image Verification Please enter the text contained within the image into the text box below it.

These give combinations of immediate or delayed, steady or pulse The following procedure has to be carried out at every node on the network.

Honeywell XLS80e Manual

Up to zone with individual LED indicators when using the extended panel option. Virtual points must be allocated to a zone to be useable within the Control Matrix.

honeywelll There are three major applications: Extinguishing System Function Example Logic Operations This gives the XLS80e a panel a maximum capacity of points. For each device, the