Hilyat al-Awliya wa Tabaqat al-Asfiya (Ranges of The Friends of Allah) Arabic Book By [B# 6G5 HB pp 12 Vols,2 @7A1,, Dar Al- Kotob Ilmiyah Al-Fawz Al-Kabir Fi Usul Al-Tafsir:Shah Waliyyullah, New English. Hilyat ul- Awliya wa Tabaqat-ul-Asfiya (The Adornment of the Saints and the encyclopedic book by Shaykh Abu Nuaym Ahmad al-Isphahani. English Books > Pearls of Remembrance > – اسلامی لائبریری .. Abu Nuaym, Hilyat-ul-awliya wa tabaqat-ul-asfiya () 5. Maqdasi, al-Ahadith-ul-mukhtarah .

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Immediately, and before eating any of them, I walked all the way back to God’s messenger and I told him about what happened, and he smiled and shared some dates with me. Once the essence is understood, then these unique prophetic sayings and traditions of the blessed companions will stand clearly to refute englissh heretical trends of the innovators, and they will adamantly reject the utter confusion of the incarnationists huliiliyun who adhere to the doctrine of the divine “indwelling” in the human being, or the doctrine of the anarchist freethinkers mubahiyiinamong other types of atheists.

He then says to them, ‘If a a, one comes to you asking for the medicine of My nearness, nurse his needs. Upon entering, Omar noticed that Abu ‘Abaida’s modest house only had his sword, a shield, a lance and a horse saddle. Abu Nuaym, Hilyat-ul-awliya wa awloya 1: They do not live their days indulging in heedlessness or in the pleasures of this world, rather they engulf themselves zwliya striving and walking through hardships in order to build what is praiseworthy and everlasting.

Abu Nu`aym – Wikipedia

Is Celebrating Mawlid al-Nabi Bida? Guide those who are seeking My path. The magnificent revealed Book speaks through them, and with it they speak. Kindly invite them to accept God’s message of Islam, and explain to them about God’s rights therein, for I swear by Allah, that should He guide even a single man through you to His path, it will be better for you than owning the ever ‘largest herd of red camels in all the land.

They were so pleased with my courtesy, and they promised me a reward.

English Books > Pearls of Remembrance > – اسلامی لائبریری

Indeed, there is no benefit in any speech that does not solicit God’s acceptance, nor in a deed that is not done for His pleasure, and surely there is no benefit in a wealth which is not spent freely for Allah’s sake. The blessed companions of Prophet Muhammad Pbuh were gifted with understanding, awliiya and inner knowledge. I am their sole hope by which they call upon Me, and thus, if you meet them, humble yourself to them.


His intimate and beloved ones hklyat bewildered by any form of separation, and they are constantly perturbed should they be demoted for any failure. Paradise is guaranteed to those who remember Allah SWT Whenever a servant of Allah stands on a piece of barren land and intends to offer ritual prayer, the earth feels proud of it.

I then asked him, ‘How are you doing?

The example of those who remember Allah SWT and those who are neglectful is that of light and darkness. He is grateful for it, and he shares its blessings with others. He is the All-Hearing Lord and without the extremities of a body, and He alone manages the entire universe, and He is the All-Seeing Lord, the Living, and the sole Sustaining power behind the entire existence.

Celebrate His Hilat Name with praises that are consistent with His majesty and glory.

Abu Nu`aym

Next to them will also stand angels who will announce to them the coming 4 Entertainment of a scalding water, and an ever burning in hell-fire. I swear by God, that on the Day of Reckoning, their faces will be like effulgent lights, and they will be raised on pulpits of light.

As for the disadvantages of attachment to obeying one’s passions and cravings, they prevent the servant from recognizing his Lord, on the other hand, overextending one’s hope makes one oblivious of the hereafter. He reserved for them the highest of heavens, for they are the wisest of people. However, if he asks for your help, then help him, otherwise, leave him alone.

Do not reprimand someone who fails in observing My rights upon him. Thus, his own piety becomes his observer, the Qur’an his guide, fear of wrongdoing his proof, nobility his trade, caution his companion, awe his mark, prayers his cavern, fasting his shield of protection, charity his relief, truthfulness his attendant, chastity his commander, and behind all of that stands the glory of his Lord to watch over his performance.

He must teach by example, and hold the reins of his own expectations. Hearing that, ‘Ali turned to his companion and he soberly commented: Daylami, al-Firdaws bima thur al-khitab 3: Ahmad ibn Hambal, al-Musnad 4: They contemplate the grave and its tightness, and they often think about the questioning angels in the grave, and how will they initiate the questioning, their scorning of the sinners, and probing of the believers. God Almighty does not have a kinship with anyone in His creation, and therefore.


Such a servant of God Almighty must embrace sorrow as his trade, and he must make contentment the foundation of his life.

Initially, ‘Uthman pledged to equip one hundred men. Daylami, al-Firdaws bima thur al-khitab 5: He defended God’s messenger and qwliya suffered persecution and hardships at the hand of the unbelievers, and then he became segregated from his family and tribe.

If you encounter them, lower your wings to them, and speak humbly to them. When their dwellings fall apart, they do not rebuild them, and when their desire for this world dies in their hearts, they do not renew it. Al-Zubair had four wives, and each one of them inherited one million and two hundred thousand Dirhams. In fact, Abu Bakr, God be pleased with him, sacrificed the insignificant to secure himself the ultimate in significance. Daylami, al-Firdaw bima thur al-khitab 4: Omar, God be pleased with him, was gifted with serenity, quietude, a presaging impact, and clarity of speech.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Allah will be well pleased with them, and they with Him. Abu Bakr gently said to Omar: Islamic Philosophy of Human Life. Be not deceived by the comfort and pleasures of the world he dwells in, for these are the lot of the ornate and the luxury of the opulent ones. And Allah has not favoured any of His servants with charity superior to grant of ability to remember Allah. When he speaks, he unfailingly expresses the truth, and when he is silent, he asserts his ascetic detachment.

Feel free to give our address: Indeed, Allah has forgiven your sins for you, and your evil deeds have been changed into awloya ones. The early companions of God’s messenger 46 who are the beacons of purity, piety, and devotion also used such similes, as described by Hllyat bin Abi Waqqass, God be pleased with him, in his saying, ‘Whatever we had was common to all, as when a ewe delivers a baby lamb, it becomes common to all.