In the past decade, HIFU ablation has emerged as a modality for palliative treatment of pancreatic tumors. Multiple preclinical and non-randomized clinical trials. HIFU appears to be an effective tool for pain palliation in advanced pancreatic cancer. Studies assessing treatment in patients with pancreatic. Request PDF on ResearchGate | HIFU for Palliative Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer | High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a novel.

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Visit for more related articles at JOP. Furthermore, it can be easily combined with systemic chemotherapy. The main factors that impact the efficacy of HIFU for pancreatic tumors includes an adequate acoustic window, limited respiratory movement of the tumor and dose of HIFU energy delivered.

The tumor volume had increased and 4 newly discovered hypodense lesions with different size were identified in the liver Figure 2a. Because of focusing, the acoustic intensities are tratment only within the focal region; however, outside the focal region the acoustic intensities are substantially lower, minimizing the risk of unintended injury to tissue outside the focal region. Clinical presentation of APC is generally unspecific, including abdominal pain, vomiting, anorexia, and weight loss [ 5 ].

Objective To evaluate the safety and efficacy of high intensity focused ultrasound for palliation of inoperable pancreatic cancer in humans. Journal of the Pancreas. The concept of HIFU, used for medical purposes, has teeatment around for more than 70 years, but clinically approved medical devices using MRI- or US ultrasound — guidance have only been introduced in the last 15 years [ 7 ].

The primary mechanism of cell death from hyperthermia is due to apoptosis [ 7 ]. Fpr An example of a linear sine ultrasound wave; its frequency spectrum contains a single frequency f.

HIFU for Palliative Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer.

The survival rate at 1 year was as follows: Celiac plexus neurolysis can be performed in patients who have severe intractable pain that is poorly controlled on opioids; however, the procedure is invasive, requiring endoscopic ultrasound or CT-guidance.

Introduction Within the last year more than 42, people in the United States were newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which makes it the fourth leading cause of cancer mortality 1. On the other hand, HIFU ablation in this patient has had a significant effect pancreati the control of local disease and more effect has been described in distant sites too, paraaortic lymph nodes away from the treated area.


B Irregularly-shaped thermal lesion with evaporated core results from boiling which is induced in tissue by rapid absorption of continuous nonlinear HIFU waves.

Please review our privacy policy. Pancreayic complications occurred because HIFU energy was delivered to airfilled bowel resulting in rapid deposition of ultrasound energy at the air-bowel interface. However, no randomized, controlled trials have been performed to date to confirm these findings or to determine if HIFU can improve overall survival by inducing local tumor response.

HIFU for palliative treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Another problem that is inherent to any HIFU system with ultrasound guidance is the absence of direct operator control over the thermal dose that the target tissue received.

Orsi F et al High-intensity focused ultrasound ablation: Also, using of the upper transducer aids in displacing bowel gas by applying slight abdominal pressure to the target area. Our website uses cookies to improve your on-site experience.

With Paancreatic treatments that result in thermal fixation, pancreatic cells do not undergo lysis until the intracellular enzymes have been completely denatured and inactivated, theoretically reducing the risk of pancreatitis with HIFU therapy. Pain relief was observed in Informed written consent for treatment was obtained from each patient and the study protocol conforms to the ethical guidelines of the “World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki – Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects” adopted by the 18th WMA General Assembly, Helsinki, Finland, Juneas revised in Tokyoas reflected in a priori approval by the ethics review committee.

Orgera G et al High intensity focused ultrasound ablation of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours: The authors reported no skin burns, tumor hemorrhage, large blood vessel rupture, bowel perforation, or pancreatitis following Canxer therapy. In the last years a number of studies have stated that HIFU can palliafive and safely be used as a pain control method in PC patients [ 78 ].

To perform safe and effective HIFU treatments, physicians need to paliative the basics of HIFU physics, which differ substantially from diagnostic ultrasound. An approach that treattment avoid both the problem of bowel gas and respiratory motion altogether is the use of a miniature HIFU transducer integrated with an endoscopic ultrasound probe. The results suggest that HIFU treatment of pancreatic cancer is safe and appears to palliate pain related to pancreatic cancer.


Thermal dose determination in cancer therapy. Case Report and Emerging Opportunities Cureus 7 10 e Patients were all considered to have inoperable pancreatic cancer confirmed by an experienced pancreatic surgeon. A Absorption of linear ultrasound waves results in predictable cigar-shaped thermal lesion. Cavitation threshold has been measured in different tissues in a number of studies, but there is still pancgeatic agreement 21 – 23 In apoptotic cells, the nucleus of the cell self-destructs, with rapid degradation of DNA by endonucleases.

Inertial cavitation is a more violent phenomenon, in which treztment bubble grows during the rarefaction phase and then rapidly collapses which leads to its destruction. To cite this article please use the text below.

Received October 15th, — Accepted November 28th, This has been seen in patients treated with HIFU followed by surgical resection [ 8 ]. It is worth mentioning here that ultrasound absorption in tissue increases nearly linearly with ultrasound frequency; hence, more heating occurs at higher frequencies.

Newer and more promising regimens acncer 5-fluorouracil 5-FU are under investigation.

HIFU for Palliative Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer.

Cantore M et al Phase II study of hepatic intraarterial epirubicin and cisplatin, with systemic 5-fluorouracil in patients with unresectable biliary tract tumors Cancer 7 —7 DOI: The thermal hypothesis of the mechanism of ultrasonic focal destruction in organized tissues. Blood vessel deformations on microsecond time scales by ultrasonic cavitation. Mean, median, standard deviation SDrange, and frequencies were used as descriptive statistics.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. If the bubble collapse occurs next to a cell, the jets may be powerful enough to cause disruption of the cell membrane 25 Respiratory movement is another important factor treatnent the efficacy of Hlfu.

In most applications that utilize the thermal effect of HIFU the goal is to induce cell necrosis in tissue palliativs thermal injury. These methods all examine the change in vascularity of the treated volume. Examples of HIFU lesions produced in ex vivo bovine liver tissue with different sonication reigimes.